MATRIX BREAKDOWN! Secret Easter Eggs, Visual Analysis & Deeper Meaning!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 6, 2019
  • The Matrix Full Movie Rewatch & Analysis! What hidden details did you miss from The Matrix when it premiered 20 years ago, and how did it influence all action & sci-fi cinema from Inception to John Wick? By popular demand, Erik Voss rewatches The Matrix (1999) for a scene-by-scene, in-depth breakdown, exploring the deeper philosophy of the Wachowskis' cyberpunk concepts and secret subliminal messages that are only now being discovered. How does The Matrix opening scene discreetly foreshadow the major reveals later in the film -- Cypher's betrayal, Agent Smith's uniqueness, and the movie's groundbreaking action with wire-stunts, martial arts, firearm choreography, and "bullet time"? In what ways does The Matrix parallel its primary inspiration, Ghost in the Shell (1995)? And does The Matrix deserve its revered status, or was it merely overthought gun porn for anime-lovers who wear sunglasses inside Hot Topic? (What a dumb question!)

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  • jason hernandez

    jason hernandez

     8 hours ago

    Break down Blazing Saddles!

  • Titijijo


     12 hours ago

    AI civil rights is a terrifying concept. I hope people are smarter than that

  • Gingers Keto Kitchen

    Gingers Keto Kitchen

     16 hours ago

    I never knew any of that! I really loved the matrix when it came out. I was goth so it was kind of a given lol, but still it was neat to know it was so related to religion and philosophy. Thanks for the hard work.

  • Leticia Vrooman

    Leticia Vrooman


    More than just a reference to flat liners....that’s too easy

  • Leticia Vrooman

    Leticia Vrooman


    Need to find a way to connect the matrix to Kevin Bacon.......
    I know it can be done....

  • Captain Spankinz

    Captain Spankinz


    half of the facts in this video are purely to confuse reality. half the "facts" are speculation

  • Andrew Whatford

    Andrew Whatford


    The matrix And the matrix reloaded and the matrix revolutions is about computer hacking and backdoor hacks.

  • Kiwi Bloke.

    Kiwi Bloke.

     2 days ago

    The Transchowskis

  • Frank Plughoff

    Frank Plughoff

     2 days ago

    OMFG ... just make shit up!

  • Xin Huang

    Xin Huang

     2 days ago

    no wonder the 2nd and 3rd matrix was not as good as the first, there was no other Ghost in the shells for them to simulate

  • Andrew


     2 days ago

    The Notebook

  • Deksam101


     4 days ago +1

    9:18 That's effed up!!!

  • David Hahn

    David Hahn

     4 days ago

    Good content here. Actually much better than a lot of the fluff out there. Cheers!

  • Lucas Hammond

    Lucas Hammond

     4 days ago

    So his passport expiring on 9/11 is not alarming to anyone? 🐑🐑🐑🐑

  • Sylver Serf

    Sylver Serf

     4 days ago

    Go back a minute. Did you say the Wachowski Brothers turned trans?

  • TheSpringledOne


     4 days ago

    Could you do an Easter eggs and a break down of Donny Darko? Plz n thank u! ^^

  • beloved friend hairpin mountain

    beloved friend hairpin mountain

     4 days ago

    Awesome brother thanks for your time and passion.

  • cap pun

    cap pun

     4 days ago

    Damn good job.....

  • Noah Fujii

    Noah Fujii

     4 days ago

    The Mandalorian

  • Oxford Hunting

    Oxford Hunting

     5 days ago +1

    They are trans!?? Lol did not know that so random