Breaking out of a car with the headrest

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 16, 2018
  • Can you break the glass out of a car using the headrest?
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  • Melodic AMIT AB Recreations

    Melodic AMIT AB Recreations

     3 months ago

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  • Rulment


     3 months ago +1

    Iesi in pula mea robert

  • Eunuch Provocateur

    Eunuch Provocateur

     4 months ago

    The headrest is designed to break the window in an emergency, but you are doing it completely wrong. A child can break the window when done correctly. You don't hit the window with it at all.

  • Bill Hill

    Bill Hill

     5 months ago +7

    You want to wedge it in the window and pry on it. Less strength is required, not to mention if you're submerged in water, you won't have the velocity needed to break it the way you did in this video.

  • George Estrada

    George Estrada

     5 months ago

    This is how all youtube tutorials should be. It’s straight to the point with nothing unnecessary.

  • Kat Pusa

    Kat Pusa

     7 months ago

    I think for women and some with disability, people like me with weak injured wrist, this will work better and faster. great content! This will save lives! Thank you.

  • Erik Hoffer

    Erik Hoffer

     9 months ago

    No sign off
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  • Desmon Flonnory

    Desmon Flonnory

     10 months ago +2

    Can you do a video where you pry the headreast beam between tje door and windo, and pry to break? Looks like it takes less stregnth.

  • Gerald Maina

    Gerald Maina

     11 months ago

    Nice one..

  • Edward MV

    Edward MV

     11 months ago




     a years ago +10

    dont throw that head rest like that ever again ! man it just saved your life

  • Janet Williams

    Janet Williams

     a years ago +1

    Great! Now can you show us how to get the headrest out of its thingy in the car seat quickly, that would be great. Is it the same getting it out of every type of car seat?

  • DarkbyDesign


     a years ago +10

    Great vid! You can also wedge it between the frame and window to "flex" the glass. Leverage is easier than striking

  • jonathan salazar

    jonathan salazar

     a years ago +19

    I now remember why I’m subscribed, you’re both entertaining and informative.

  • Gautam R

    Gautam R

     a years ago +2

    Nice one. Please make more videos similar to this.

  • rkan2


     a years ago +1

    Wanna be pretty quick using it if in the water..