Phoenix Wright - 15 - Wright and White

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 2, 2019
  • Mr. White continues his reign of being one of the world's most epic putzes

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  • Angel Bautista

    Angel Bautista


    Gaywater? 8:39

  • ButYouCanCallMe Lorie

    ButYouCanCallMe Lorie

     6 days ago

    I’m Mr. Redd White But my friends call me WHITE BOI

  • Wiggl3s _

    Wiggl3s _

     7 days ago

    Arins mr white accent is a better English accent than his fake English accent 😂😂😂

  • Akidnamedclavin


     7 days ago

    But my friends call me White Boy

  • Thomas G

    Thomas G

     7 days ago

    Mr White sounds like he belongs on r/iamverysmart

  • Smug Kid

    Smug Kid

     7 days ago

    h-how did you know

  • Pavlína Fričová

    Pavlína Fričová

     7 days ago

    Tequila is very high in methanol, which is why it makes most people so sick

  • FinalStarmanDX


     7 days ago

    20/20 doesn't refer to both eyes, it just means at 20 feet from the eyechart you see what the average person can see at 20 feet from the eyechart. That's why your half of the number is always at 20 [or whatever agreed upon distance/units].

  • Ryan Moulder

    Ryan Moulder

     14 days ago

    "My name is Redd White, but my friends call me Blanco Nino"
    W H I T E B O I

  • hawk4225


     14 days ago

    Arin: you were edgeboy for sure
    yea idk bout that one

  • Emma Carns

    Emma Carns

     21 days ago

    the murderer was callmeKEVIN

  • Casey Perkins

    Casey Perkins

     21 days ago

    he sayed he didnt know miss may

  • Blue Saiyan Gamer

    Blue Saiyan Gamer

     a months ago

    I just realized White’s nickname translates to White Boy XD

  • Chase Bailey

    Chase Bailey

     a months ago

    If you object and the music still plays then you are wrong

  • Gage is Me333

    Gage is Me333

     a months ago

    Man all these cliffhangers after cliff hangers, this is a mass cliff hanging😅

  • Gage is Me333

    Gage is Me333

     a months ago

    NEW session, GOLDEN joke, RITE out the gate😝

  • Some One

    Some One

     a months ago

    “-but my friends call me Blanco Niño”
    They call him White Boy! THEY CALLED HIM A WHITE BOY 😂😂🤣

  • Naram-Sin of Akkad

    Naram-Sin of Akkad

     a months ago

    Oh god the voices

  • Ricardo Marez

    Ricardo Marez

     a months ago

    Just a little court room joke lol

  • Pebkio Nomare

    Pebkio Nomare

     a months ago

    "They say a man who represents himself has a fool for a client... well, with god as my witness: I am that fool!" -Phoenix Wright