Kids Try Their Parents' Favorite Childhood Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 29, 2018
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  • HiHo Kids

     9 months ago

    Follow the kids from today's video on Instagram!Cavalli - - - - no instagram

  • Hey

     6 days ago

    Who tf will eat sardines crackers hot sause and fucking cheeze wiz all together

  • NoodlesSensei

     11 days ago

    Child predators incoming

  • Bottle

     9 months ago

    What kind of a gangster put chocolate syrup in their milk but doesn't stir?

  • LunaPikaZ

     2 days ago

    @creamgii True

  • Parker Jackson

     5 days ago

    someone that doesn't have a spoon

  • Kelly Alas

     1 months ago

    “Tell me something about your mom”“She’s Beautiful”Omg I felt like I wanted to cry for some reason

  • softie


    Kelly Alas CUTEEEE 💖😭

  • Tunasalad


    It made my heart full 😩😭😍

  • Caro E

     17 days ago

    “Why did you eat this everyday?” “WE WERE BROKE”

  • d.b’s edits

     14 hours ago

    My response would have been, “because we were broke and it was GOOD”

  • Maxene Elbo



  • Pearl Butler-Woollard

     20 days ago

    Omg Cavali ‘maybe sneak a little of tabaco on it’ 🤣 😂 I think he ment tabasco

  • Kjean stacey242


    Lol same

  • Areus Productions

     7 days ago

    YEA 😂

  • ilikebooks andoyhershit

     18 days ago

    When I saw the beans and pandesal I had a heart attack.. SHE'S FILIPINOOOOand she's broke

  • XoGrace AngelsXo


    Hi pinoys

  • Claire Reyes

     2 days ago

    @Random Person holy bread wtf im dead HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • • sxphiia •

     1 months ago

    mom: how does it taste?kid: goodmom: ‘Kay, imagine eating this everyday.kid: why did you eat this everyday?mom: we were *_broke_*

  • Miscellaneous Unicorn

     14 days ago

    • sxphiia • *TRIGGERD*

  • • sxphiia •

     17 days ago

    TopGunCrew oh it’s really easy.

  • Kailynn Cortez

     21 days ago

    Saying hi to a chair and giveing them cashYOU ARE WORNGWHAT

  • GladHorbor4632 // Minecraft

     10 days ago

    My hero academia 👌

  • bakuhoe uwu

     11 days ago

    W R O N G

  • Fizzy Cola

     1 months ago

    *Blake is such a cute dad 😂*

  • Keith Adams

     7 days ago

    @Dingle Because I am one The daughter leveled out his condescending nature, lol. "It's not the best thing in the world."

  • Dingle Because I am one

     19 days ago

    Never has a man been more condescending about milk and Graham crackers.

  • epic default dance

     1 months ago

    95% of comments are qoutes5% bout the white dude with the crackers

  • Keith Adams

     7 days ago

    @b2kzangelalwayz Ouch.

  • epic default dance

     8 days ago

    @b2kzangelalwayz Jeez you think i pay that much attention to my comments smh