Disrespected Supergramps JDM Electronic Adjustable Damper Control Nose

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 21, 2019
  • We put some mad new coilovers in Supergramps, now we're wiring in some electronic control so we can adjust them from inside the car.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/qsKxe2NlIYo


  • Mighty Car Mods

    Mighty Car Mods

     21 days ago +73

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  • GeFeldz


     8 hours ago

    Supergramps does sound very nice!

  • Ben Nigek

    Ben Nigek

     21 hours ago


  • jukebox symposium

    jukebox symposium

     2 days ago

    A great drift car is the Corolla AE-86

  • casey warr

    casey warr

     2 days ago

    Hey! learn how to focus your camera...

  • Absolute Longplay

    Absolute Longplay

     4 days ago

    I really miss the original Supergramps, I believe it was a 1992 Subaru Legacy wagon? I feel bad that it flooded and you had to build another one on a more modern shell. See the original Supergramps was a real sleeper car because it looked like an old wagon on the road.

  • theinsulinman jones

    theinsulinman jones

     7 days ago

    The sexual innuendos are why you guys are always 1 no car show . Nobody else’s has ur humour

  • Polka Kings Racing 123

    Polka Kings Racing 123

     7 days ago

    E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39

  • Aussie Aus Deutschland

    Aussie Aus Deutschland

     7 days ago

    Please be a 525 or 540 E34 Touring

  • anew742


     7 days ago


  • Brian Baney

    Brian Baney

     7 days ago

    Hay i had a 1992 mazda mx6 gt turbo it had Electric dampening option I thank it had 3 options 👍

  • flinchey


     7 days ago

    You should have soft dampers in the rear at the drag strip. You want weight transfer "squat"

  • Alex Smith

    Alex Smith

     7 days ago

    What does disrespected nose mean?

  • RbLife


     7 days ago

    Nice addition guys, I had the Tein EDFC in my skyline years ago. Although the setup and motors are pretty much identical, I think I would prefer that than what I can see of this cusco one. The controller and the adjuster was all in one box and a little nicer to use. since I didn't smoke and nobody smoked in my car, I cut out the back of the ashtray and put it inside so you couldn't see it.

  • David Bell

    David Bell

     7 days ago

    Good stuff!

  • InBoostWeTrust


     7 days ago

    Supra mk3 had electronically adjustable suspension back in 1987

  • SOGE


     7 days ago +1

    COSTCO coil-overs lol

  • Andrew


     7 days ago

    Why didn't you use the Tein EDFC unit and their coilsovers? The controller for that is better in every way. Cusco one looks super cheap.

  • Robin Karlsen

    Robin Karlsen

     7 days ago

    The earliest I know of you could get with adaptive electricly adjusted shocks was the Mazda 626 in the early 80s. They had 3 settings: comfort (normal), sport (Rock hard) and adaptive (G-sensor and stuff).

  • dwarvinicus


     7 days ago

    As i am over here rewatching old videos i wonder, whereabout do my eyes have to ponder to find a new mighty car mods video over yonder. It is my week off, i was hoping i could enjoy a video on my vacation week but allas. It has to be a notification when i’m at work 😔