Testing The Cheapest Survival Tool On AMAZON

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 20, 2017
  • Testing the cheapest survival tool on AMAZON.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/qxF8JazQFpA


  • Wranglerstar


     2 years ago +567

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  • Chad Roehrs

    Chad Roehrs

     9 hours ago

    Very impressed for the money.

  • Chris Veal

    Chris Veal

     13 hours ago

    With the chain saws they work best when used with a bow . Get a fork of wood long enough to bridge the gap of the blade and six inches more tie one end to bow and use para cord and stick to secure / tighten other end then vualah a basic sturdy bow saw ....

  • Gus Ward

    Gus Ward

     22 hours ago

    Go back to your Xbox or a Nintendo, obviously have no business with a tool in your hand

  • Gus Ward

    Gus Ward

     22 hours ago

    You have to have common sense to operate some things.

  • Gus Ward

    Gus Ward

     22 hours ago

    Take responsibility for your whoops moments!

  • Gus Ward

    Gus Ward

     22 hours ago

    Not to be used by city folk

  • Gus Ward

    Gus Ward

     22 hours ago

    It's not to be used for an axe what's the matter with you? A hatchet for kenneling or chopping up small limbs for shelter

  • Rudy Garcia

    Rudy Garcia


    I think it's a Viking, not a bat

  • Curley Pubes

    Curley Pubes


    Murican idiots unable to use a system which makes sense

  • Bouncer 54

    Bouncer 54


    Can you leave a link please

  • Billy Redding

    Billy Redding


    I'd build a bowsaw frame and put that chainsaw blade in it

  • Xoze Graf

    Xoze Graf


    TIL: Tasting summer sausage can determined how well a shovel a cut food. GREAT video - cool tool.

  • Ten Moi

    Ten Moi


    I think the shovel chopping is used for splitting the wood you should use the hand saw for cutting the tree. in addition, I don't think they selling this online any longer.

  • Noah McAlister

    Noah McAlister

     2 days ago

    The red cone isnt for directing aircraft, its the "night light" filter for the flashlight as red light doesent affect your night vision as quickly as white light

  • rick boze

    rick boze

     2 days ago

    Ok where do you get this $115 shovel for $30?

  • Owen Barnes

    Owen Barnes

     2 days ago +2

    it looks like it did better than the $600 tool

  • Paula Cornelison

    Paula Cornelison

     2 days ago +1

    Seems to me, metric system aside, that the shovel kit is for your car. For the record, I HATE the metric system!

  • Donna GypsyOwl

    Donna GypsyOwl

     3 days ago

    I love the comment that it is "not advisable to chop down a tree with the flashlight "

  • Charly Boy

    Charly Boy

     4 days ago

    I tought you were relevant, until you dissed metric, still going to watch your videos but dont do it again