Parents and Kids Play Truth or Drink (Ilea & Julie) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 19, 2017
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    Friends, strangers, and everyone in between choose between the cold hard truth or a nice stiff drink.

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    Parents and Kids Play Truth or Drink (Ilea & Julie) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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  • gtdude2003



    Is it me or does the mom look like a Dark Elf from Skyrim

  • meme factor

    meme factor


    The younger girl low key looks like Billie Eillish like this if you agree

  • c1rcu1tn3rd


     2 days ago

    Being placed in handcuffs and taken down to the station is arrested....

  • iman aski

    iman aski

     6 days ago

    They just came for the drinks......

  • TakataVlogs


     8 days ago

    If I was doing this with my mom I’m drinking the bottle sorry mom 🤫

  • Jamie Ramsay

    Jamie Ramsay

     8 days ago

    These people are boring. Just answer the questions and stop being a couple of lil pussies

  • Nzxmii Yae

    Nzxmii Yae

     11 days ago

    Her stepmom got tattoos🤤

  • HappyLittleSkrub


     13 days ago

    She is very cute

  • Realfitness4all


     13 days ago

    I was in the Marine Corps and I know exactly what she's talking about at 2:40. In an all male battalion, females aren't allowed to stay over night in the barracks. I had my own room and had my first GF stay a night with me in the barracks. I was nervous the following morning when I walked her out to her car. I made her wear a hoodie and tried to hide her "femaleness".

  • Aditya Rajware

    Aditya Rajware

     14 days ago

    I can bet a 100 dollars that they don’t love each other.
    The mother looked down when she said i love you to the daughter and the daughter kinda did the same. People who really love each other say things like this looking in the eyes

  • 100k Subs Without Any Videos?

    100k Subs Without Any Videos?

     14 days ago

    ilea is so hot omg

  • triggerrick


     14 days ago

    Did you use protection? No. Why? Because he said he loved me, and he's a star athlete at my college.

  • G H

    G H

     14 days ago

    I think she didn’t answer all the question.

  • ItzZed Gaming

    ItzZed Gaming

     18 days ago

    I'm sorry but that girl is sooo beautiful, like no pedo or anything but, she's just beautiful.

  • Richie Fong

    Richie Fong

     21 days ago

    this action is basically copying the idea of james corden,spill your guts or fill your guts

  • Austin Rich

    Austin Rich

     23 days ago

    i get this feeling the daughter gives no fucks tbh

  • JackLL313


     23 days ago

    "I have know her father before she was born" hmmm that's a good start i guess !

  • Caitlyn Cannon

    Caitlyn Cannon

     24 days ago +1

    “do you love me” “can i take a shot”

  • Ridhima Joshi

    Ridhima Joshi

     26 days ago +1

    They look so awkward
    They didn't really answer much.

  • Ridhima Joshi

    Ridhima Joshi

     26 days ago +1

    They're so pretty!