Parents and Kids Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 19, 2017
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  • Let me tell you. Also.

     1 years ago

    They look like they actually could be biologically related

  • Davie Lawrence

     1 months ago

    Same with me and my step mom. Many people who don't know our story even say that I really look like her, but I think most of it comes from similar behaviour and some features in our body language

  • lizzie

     5 months ago

    they even have similar grey/blue eyes!! not suggesting that she is her bio mom (I feel like they would know that by now if she was) but that it's an amazing coincidence :)

  • Catapillargirl 20

     1 years ago

    I don’t feel like I learned any details. It’s super interesting she had a kid with her dad in college and somehow they’re back together. It would’ve been fun to learn more details.

  • Carlie S

     2 months ago

    for sure

  • Tati

     2 months ago

    I think it is pretty cool. That is true love...their whole family is!

  • AJ

     1 years ago

    Why does everyone pick vodka? There's a lovely bottle of tequila right there.

  • Matthew Calmert

     13 days ago

    Tequila makes me angry when drunk

  • Fernando Galvez

     20 days ago

    Because that’s a bottle of Jose Cuervo. That’s as close to garbage as you can get.

  • Poetic Just Less

     1 years ago

    They actually seem like they have a really fun and genuine relationship!

  • beßpin.

     1 years ago

    Ilea’s so pretty, wow.

  • Bubby Flippu

     9 days ago

    Everyone whose names that start with "iL" are ridiculously beautiful. I mean, look at Illah! xD

  • Amanda Kraayenbrink

     1 years ago

    Plot twist: that actually is her mom and she doesn’t know it..

  • bxld Allen

     1 months ago

    They look so alike

  • DonYelle and Diana

     1 years ago

    the end was so cute

  • lizzie

     5 months ago

    especially with them not even being biologically related! to all the pessimistic repliers, yeah no healthy relationships = cute ALWAYS.

  • Ramsn Sora

     5 months ago

    The beginning was worse


     1 years ago

    Stop drinking and answer the question

  • Natalia Sofia

     1 months ago


  • Luhanece TV

     4 months ago

    bob king 😂😂 aww it’s ok

  • this is my first name this is my last name

     1 years ago

    Whenever I see the title to these videos I instantly think of a 6 year old taking vodka shots whilst being questioned by their parent about which toy they would save in a house fire

  • luke

     1 months ago

    What 😂😂

  • Debbie Speare

     2 months ago

    I love this comment so much ahahahah.

  • Nelly Esendi

     1 years ago

    I actually thought she was her mum,. They look so much alike damn... Plus rhyming names

  • Darm0k

     1 years ago

    Nelly Esendi maybe daughter looks like her birth mom and dad just a type.