Kim Kardashian West on Her Bathroom, SKIMS, and More!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 6, 2019
  • Real fam, do you like to keep your bathroom counter empty?
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  • Anonymous


     7 hours ago

    You just gotta admit it. Kim Kardashian is just gorgeous.

  • Vincent Trujillo

    Vincent Trujillo


    Kim makes these other women look like dogs 🐕 it’s crazy!!

  • Ellie Davies

    Ellie Davies

     2 days ago


  • ladymayaaa


     3 days ago

    Adrienne needs to be kicked off the show - the girl DOESNT stop talking! Let people talk - she’s a BROWN NOSER obsessed with the Kardashian’s

  • Christina Garcia

    Christina Garcia

     3 days ago

    ALL Kylies and KKW products are the exact same crappy products as colourpop aka colourpoop, just packaged differently but still made at Spatz generic lab. Dont believe me look it up & compare makeup and skin care products to that particular line. They slap her name on it, jack up the price & viola ya get ripped off. Do you homework peeps.

  • Dagmar jurkič

    Dagmar jurkič

     3 days ago

    Loni is just over it hahahhaah

  • Katlego Mhlauli

    Katlego Mhlauli

     3 days ago

    She’s such an awesome businesswoman 💪🏽

  • James Ross

    James Ross

     4 days ago +1

    Kim has grown to be a very respectable and beautiful young lady with queen like vibes 👸 Kanye West is so lucky

  • Maria Palacios

    Maria Palacios

     4 days ago

    Kim is such a role model and idol for me !Beauty business and criminal justice !

  • itsnothinglong1


     4 days ago

    Jeannie is annoying with her commentry.

  • Chelsea D

    Chelsea D

     4 days ago

    Loni doesn’t like her lol it’s weird watching her talk to her 😂

  • March Showers

    March Showers

     4 days ago

    OMG what a time to be a Kardashians. Jus one week to see and feel how it is to be a Kardashians

  • Grace B. Addey

    Grace B. Addey

     4 days ago

    Her communication skills has improved; but what in heaven's name is going on with her lips???? Is the puffiness an allergic reaction?? Hope all is well with her

  • Bria


     4 days ago

    I love this Kim!

  • Kimberly Renee Watkins

    Kimberly Renee Watkins

     4 days ago

    I respect Kim

  • AbsoluteNut1


     4 days ago

    Does Kim still eat the cum out of her own snatch?

  • mbennettz29


     4 days ago

    I genuinely like the growth with Kim and too see the small and major changes she has made to support her husband...I respect that. Hope you two continue this positive influential journey.

  • Charity


     4 days ago

    Don’t gotta kiss her ass lol

  • Jennifer Robinson

    Jennifer Robinson

     4 days ago

    I get the concept of Kim's bathroom, but does anyone else think the house is abnormally sparse? Out of all the Kardashian/Jenner houses, Kimye's is my least favorite. I get the whole minimalist thing, but their house takes it too far in my opinion.

  • Dewayne Lindsay

    Dewayne Lindsay

     5 days ago

    The thumbnail is hilarious