Sarah Jeffery - Queen of Mean (From "Descendants 3")

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 2, 2019
  • Now there's a devil on my shoulder where the angels used to be and he's calling me the Queen on Mean 🎶 Check out the official music video for “Queen of Mean” in Descendants 3! Watch #Descendants3 on Disney Channel!Watch all Descendants music videos here: 3 soundtrack is available here: connected with Disney Music:Instagram: video by Sarah Jeffery performing Queen of Mean (From "Descendants 3"). © 2019 Walt Disney Records
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  • Poppin. Abby

    Poppin. Abby

     2 days ago +1311

    Audrey didn't really want the scepter she just wanted the Crown. But Maleficent called Audrey.

  • Roblox Savage

    Roblox Savage

     18 hours ago +537

    Mal and Evie: Meet me in the Space Between
    Aubrey: There's no in between

  • xRileyy


     21 hours ago +312

    "theres nothing to loose when your lonely and friendless" MOOD

  • Cubix Dani

    Cubix Dani

     20 hours ago +605

    I mean, to be fair. She did get her boyfriend of a long time and all her dreams stolen away by one villains kid practically as soon as they came.

  • Dimuly experimenting

    Dimuly experimenting

     15 hours ago +240

    *Evil Audrey = Like *
    *Dragon Mal = Comment *
    Let's see who's better

  • peachymin


     14 days ago +2893

    I love how the Scepter quietly calls for Audrey just like how the green light called for Aurora
    Disney, well done

  • shontiara wattree

    shontiara wattree

     22 hours ago +380

    Mal: yay im marrying the love of my life and I'm gonna be queen
    Audrey: I don't know what you thought this was but you not getting that crown sis

  • iiiKyle Yeatesiii

    iiiKyle Yeatesiii

     14 hours ago +82

    Am I the only one here who listens to this song like 24/7?? It’s LITTTT!!! 👌🏽👌🏽

  • ראניה גרוס

    ראניה גרוס

     21 hours ago +166

    Best song ever in all descendentes .
    Sarah have beautiful song

  • Olivia summers

    Olivia summers

     10 hours ago +64

    Why was maleficent's sceptre only protected by a curtain.
    This museum needs to review their security plans.

  • Nick Games

    Nick Games

     3 days ago +2147

    Choose one
    Queen of mean- Like
    Night falls- Coment

  • Marcy Jay-Lee

    Marcy Jay-Lee

     10 hours ago +69

    I like how audrey just poses around like:
    "I'm gonna rule the world, BUT WITH FASHION"

  • Marely perez

    Marely perez

     20 hours ago +94

    I've seen this more than 10 times i just love it who else



     21 hours ago +173

    D1~I hate Audrey
    D2-I don't know
    D3~God i really love her

  • Mary Ortiz

    Mary Ortiz

     21 hours ago +113

    This is the akumatized version of Audrey.

  • Alessandra Radu

    Alessandra Radu

     14 days ago +2643

    Audrey: i'm the Queen of Mean
    Maleficent: can i adopt you?

  • •hannah 226•

    •hannah 226•

     10 hours ago +33

    Descendants 1: I HATE Audrey
    Descendants 2: Audrey who?
    Descendants 3: queen of mean ❤️

  • Sylveon AMV's

    Sylveon AMV's

     19 hours ago +164

    Me: I Killed Someone!!!
    Police: Who?!
    Me: The Replay Botton. ;w;

  • Barbara Reyes

    Barbara Reyes

     10 hours ago +21

    Alguien que hable español aqui? O soy la única?😂(autolike para no desaparecer)

  • Debbie Volpicelli

    Debbie Volpicelli

     18 hours ago +36

    I mean it’s in my vains I mean it’s in my brain!
    Nice was my past time
    Bow to the evil queen
    Calling me the queen of mean
    Some lyrics that I kinda like!