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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 10, 2021
  • Any pilot can confirm that take-off and landing are the most stressful and dangerous moments of air travel.
    Besides, smooth take offs and landings depend not only on the aircraft, but also on the airport where an action takes place.
    From the inside, airport operations resemble life of a city-state.
    Several services are in charge of safety.
    Police and security keep order, while firefighters monitor potential sources of fire and smoke. Technical stuff double check serviceability of the aircraft components and readiness of the runway.
    Dispatchers control take offs and landings, as well as monitor the routes.
    In most cases, the system is debugged and smooth, but accidents do happen. For example, a newborn baby was found in the terminal of the airport of the capital of Qatar, Doha.
    While in Riga, the plane that had already taken off, was forced to conduct an emergency landing due to the bird collision
    Audio repellents for scaring the birds, located at the airport, let the intruder through. However, all of the above are rare cases when a malfunction of the airport systems can affect the safety of the flight and passengers.

    Now let’s check out the place where takeoffs and landings, as well as stay are always associated with risk.

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