Kehlani - Undercover (Official Audio)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 5, 2017
  • The official audio of "Undercover" by Kehlani from the album 'SWEETSEXYSAVAGE'.'SWEETSEXYSAVAGE' available now! - for more official content from Kehlani: Kehlanihttp://kehlanimusic.com official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Kehlani.The Grammy Award-nominated R&B/pop songstress Kehlani caught the ears of many with 2015’s You Should Be Here earning her a 2016 Grammy Award for “Best Urban Contemporary Album.” In 2017, she revealed her debut album SWEETSEXYSAVAGE which ushered in the gold-certified singles “CRZY” and “Distraction.” In October of 2017 she introduced “Honey” which accumulated over 63 million streams worldwide. In 2019, she collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign on her single “Nights Like This”. Aside from the music, Kehlani has ventured off into the tech industry with her health and wellness startup, Flora. “Bridging the gap between my career, activism and my audience is important to me as a next step,” says Kehlani. “I look forward to creating positive change and making strides in tech.”Subscribe for the latest official music videos, official audio videos, performances, behind the scenes and more from Kehlani: #Undercover #SWEETSEXYSAVAGE #OfficialAudio #AtlanticRecords #Atlantic
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  • Kesensa

     2 years ago

    Can we just pause a second and give Kehlani an applause? She's actually just amazing. The way she's sexy but doesn't over sexualise her songs all the time. The way she has a great voice and sings a,axing song

  • Thilak Varma

     1 months ago

    U 2 👶

  • Sophie

     5 months ago


  • Mara

     2 years ago

    I'm a simple girl, any song by kehlani, I like.

  • juliana e. vega

     18 days ago


  • Fatoumata Ben Aya

     2 months ago

    there isn't one song of hers i dont like

  • Faith

     2 years ago

    The first line is like Akon's song don't matter

  • jaybow1982

     28 days ago

    Thank you Akon for this song and Kehlani for the remix cover

  • Gabrielle

     7 months ago

    Totally agree

  • Crystal Vengeance

     2 years ago

    Kehlani underrated. She's top 5 in her genre

  • Rachel Fu

     2 years ago


  • You’reA _Drag

     5 months ago

    Yes ! Ariana grande also has amazing samples !


     1 years ago

    Tedisah Campbell yeah Tory lanes did a great job with say it

  • 4H 4 Life

     2 years ago

    Damn this got me looking like a fool jamin out with my headphones in, in my room 😂😂

  • victoriaaa

     6 months ago

    4H 4 Life nigga get a speaker...💀

  • Liron Haas

     1 years ago

    4H 4 Life I'm late af

  • Nathan Zed

     2 years ago

    this hook thoooooo

  • Zahara Muguluma

     1 years ago

    came here because of your lit ass playlist

  • ayo breezy

     1 years ago

    AYE NATHAAAAN(I'm late lol)

  • Nunya Bidness

     2 years ago

    I'm at the doctor's office, made his ass wait when I saw this notification. 😂

  • Hai Imback

     2 years ago


  • Philippe M

     2 years ago

    I'm thinking of Kehlani who attempted suicide

  • bee.syrup

     2 years ago


  • Lani Teemer

     1 years ago

    bee.syrup too late Cardi and her were awesome 👏🏾

  • Fresh Prince

     1 years ago

    bee.syrup It's not.

  • Ranikia888

     2 years ago

    A little Akon, a little Kehlani, equals a lot of magic.