Chef Refuses To Clean His DISGUSTING Kitchen | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 25, 2017
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  • Lily Smith

     1 years ago

    This show makes me paranoid about eating at a restaurant...

  • Joker

     8 days ago

    this has to be scripted there is no way restaurant owners are this stupid, maybe fast food but not these places

  • Game Over

     8 days ago

    Get back in the kitchen then 😂


     1 years ago

    Anthony's face pisses me off.

  • Gavin

     2 days ago

    @DMSProduktions you're welcome.

  • DMSProduktions

     2 days ago

    @Gavin Ah! Thank you Gavin!

  • EyeSeeDee

     1 years ago

    *Everyone who isn't the chef:* "It was hard to see the chef get yelled at, but Gordon really does know what he's talking about. He's had a lot of experience and knows how to make these things work. If we just listen to what he has to say, we're sure to improve, even if only little by little."*The chef:* "I know I'm a great chef. Heck, I might be the greatest! Gordon just doesn't know what he's talking about and needs to leave. I'm so mad that he came here and offered critiques that we ...

  • Jikook's jams


    Doesn’t this kind of thing happen like so much 😂😬

  • Indyday

     6 days ago

    GR just got "famous" due to TV. But his lectures on how to improve the food in the restaurants are just stupid. "That food tastes like shit". Very constructive criticism... No chef can improve with sentences like that. He has to tell them if it is overcooked, un-/overseasoned, cold, raw, bad mixture of ingredients, etc. He just sais that all food he tastes in ANY restaurant is bs (except his own shitty crap beef wellington, fish'n'chips, his stupid lamb, lobster and fucking scrambl...

  • Ryan Lopez

     7 months ago

    Every single head chef on this show makes one of three excuses for shit food1: "We've been doing it this way for years, people love it" 2: "You don't know what your talking about"3: "The people around here like it this way"

  • tray pendland

     14 days ago

    Oml, that sums up every season. I cant tell u how many times i heard those. Owners r in such denial

  • Bowser

     1 months ago

    You forgot the “we have to or else the manager yells at us”

  • Phil Bolton

     1 years ago

    I used to work at a Denny's and the managers would have lost their damn minds if we'd left the kitchen in that state.

  • xThunderxWolfx

     23 days ago

    I worked at a Denny's and the kitchen looked very similar.

  • SupahFly

     24 days ago

    every regular restaurant owner shouldhell, im not a chef myself but i do have to lead my team from time to time and if the kitchen isnt cleaned well enough then everyone stays untill it is

  • Themagicallyingtaco

     1 years ago

    Anthony is the type of dude you just want to punch in the face.

  • Jikook's jams


    Dude yes

  • Jeff from Jersey

     1 months ago

    @Red Ninja Yep

  • thornsx

     1 years ago

    Ego: Every man's worst enemy.

  • pocketdynamo

     14 days ago

    I fixed it.Ego: Every American's worst enemy.

  • Nom Blob

     20 days ago

    Glock Rocks You line is excellentANOTHER!

  • everlasting saga

     1 years ago

    they need to put the episode in the description somehow, because i don't want to keep look for comments about what episode the clips are from all the time.

  • kierkieren

     1 months ago

    I generally just look for scenes that say the name of the restaurant and look that up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • RiceFromHell

     1 months ago

    @extra_ordinary_joe are you looking at the UK or the US version of nightmare kitchen. cause this one is from Kitchen Nightmares Season 2 Episode 3 (US)

  • Gaelek13

     2 months ago

    > "I don't think he [Ramsay] knows what he's talking about"> Ramsay's restaurants have been awarded _16 Michelin stars in total_ and currently hold a total of 7.> His restaurant in London has had 3 Michelin stars since 2001.The level of _delusion and denial_ in some of these people goes into a whole other _dimension_ of insanity. Gordon's accolades speak for themselves, but chefs in collapsing businesses (this one half-a-million dollars in debt!) dismiss him as a hack.

  • Hauzan

     10 days ago

    This should be a pinned comment tbh

  • lendir1

     4 months ago

    When I worked at a Domino's years ago, our store was in an old building, and it was spotless!During slow times of the day we would continuously wipe prep areas, scrub the floors and clean around the outside. Our manager and her assistants would wipe down and scrub the oven. We all took pride in that little store!

  • Dave Gordon


    That's what you're supposed to do

  • Aimee Forde

     15 days ago

    I work at a place that makes sandwiches in store and every surface gets cleaned and sanitized after every sandwich type made and at the end of the day.We also deep clean at least once a week so that nothing is missed.