Irish People Try The Most Disgusting Alcohol Shots

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 8, 2018
  • We collected four of the most disgusting alcohol shots, and our Irish People put them to the test...we're sorry! MERCH:
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    Our Irish People always love coming in to TRY new things, especially anything alcohol-related. This time the options were a little bit more...unique, to say the least. See what our TRYers thought of some of the most disgusting alcohol shots we could find!

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  • MysteerieYugi


     6 hours ago

    "Jesus, you're like the son I never had!"
    Judas and Jesus where Jesus couldn't hold his water or wine! 🤣

  • Ragnarok the first

    Ragnarok the first

     13 hours ago

    imagining the fucking tapeworm one made me wanna me wanna puke just by looking at it. Fucking disgusting *Blargh

  • jimmy rings knight

    jimmy rings knight

     14 hours ago

    lol holy fk leather jacket guy is awesome

  • Frank Robert Skogstad

    Frank Robert Skogstad


    Half and half egg nog and Fernet Branca, I rest my case.

  • elliott deiters

    elliott deiters


    irish people are awesome

  • Mike Munoz

    Mike Munoz


    How is the last drink not called a Jägervom?

  • Errorist



    Leather Jacket Guy is a damn legend

  • Frank Quillen

    Frank Quillen


    Why am I loving these videos now. Damnit

  • Chris Martin

    Chris Martin


    BTW, that isn't just the Irish reaction to drinking a cement mixer. That's EVERYONE'S reaction to drinking a cement mixer. If you don't have that reaction, I instantly think you're a psychopath.

  • Summer Sands

    Summer Sands

     2 days ago

    ROTFLMAO...too flippin' funny

  • Jann-Hauke Röhlicke

    Jann-Hauke Röhlicke

     2 days ago +1

    How dare you ruining Jägermeister

  • Allegra Hobbs

    Allegra Hobbs

     2 days ago

    It's time for irishmaniacs
    And they're zany to the max
    So just sit back and relax
    You'll laugh till you collapse
    For irishmaniacs

  • CrowTag Berdi

    CrowTag Berdi

     2 days ago

    I just love leather jacket guy!

  • waferZ


     2 days ago

    Leather jacket guy look like he belongs in a wax museum

  • Jo Acu

    Jo Acu

     2 days ago

    LJG: Ring me mother

    Irish Jesus: HELL NO

    (totally appropriate for someone named Irish Jesus)

  • edvn2k


     3 days ago

    Yo, 4:30 blucle XD. I can't stop laughing hhahaaha

  • Brian Rambo

    Brian Rambo

     3 days ago

    you have to drink a Cement Mixer as soon as it's made. the longer you wait the worse it gets. it's like a 10-20 second window

  • Laura LaRocco

    Laura LaRocco

     3 days ago

    I want to puke...🤢🥺

  • Laura LaRocco

    Laura LaRocco

     3 days ago

    You absolute ball bag! 😂😂😂

  • Miriam Cooper

    Miriam Cooper

     3 days ago

    You know it's bad when it's making Irish people talk to it.