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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 3, 2017
  • Thumbs up for these more in depth fashion videos. :)

    Similar to City Chic Lace Piece:
    Similar to FTF Shaper:
    (My code is "RAEFTF" at to save $$$)
    Also Similar to FTF Shorts Shaper:
    Firm/Shaping Spanx:
    Sculpting Spanx (this is the current version they sell of the one I showed):
    Lane Bryant Panties (Good for everyday wear):
    Shaperqueen Thong Shaper:
    Spanx Shaper Short:
    The Rago Piece I Referenced:
    My $15 red version was from Burlington Coat Factory

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  • Ebonie Riley

    Ebonie Riley

     12 hours ago

    Great Video....thx

  • Kevin Justice

    Kevin Justice

     3 days ago

    What in the WORLD is going on with you ladies, why are you even considering stuff like this that mask your problems. Eat healthy portioned meals, choose apples and other nutritious fruits instead of chocolate, ice cream, fast food, 🍟, Go for walks, exercise, be a rolemodel for the next generation of young girls that is your daughters.
    I went to pick up my 4 year old daughter for daddy daughter day from my baby mother, my 4yr old princess had make up on her Naturally Beautiful face. I almost lost my mind. What the F"ck is going on in the society we live in, where the mothers of our children is teaching our children about covering up lazy fat with bodysuits, instead of teaching how to eat healthy & exercise, covering natural beauty with insecurities of makeup.
    Please for the love of the next generation, stop watching Kim Kardashian type shows, be your natural beautiful selves, be a Positive Rolemodel.
    Thank you

  • Ysamo Bridget

    Ysamo Bridget

     14 days ago

    is actually the best site to buy from ever otherwise I would still have a bloody hell fat belly lol!Thank god I bought

  • Thora Andrus

    Thora Andrus

     14 days ago

    Just get from, and thank me later

  • EisseCatherine Tamoshunas

    EisseCatherine Tamoshunas

     14 days ago

    Thank god I bought from, best one out there!

  • Garret Jaquelin

    Garret Jaquelin

     14 days ago

    Why don’t you guys just buy from ??? I got it last month and works cool

  • straight jacket

    straight jacket

     14 days ago

    Ladies don’t wear this shit. Eat healthy and work out.



     14 days ago

    Hi friends nice vedio sister dress your

  • Bev Kenny

    Bev Kenny

     28 days ago

    Hi! This video was incredibly helpful, thank you so much!
    Best shape wear review vid I’ve watched so far and I’ve watched LOADS.
    I just subbed, thanks again! 👋🏻

  • Tobias Kropp

    Tobias Kropp

     1 months ago

    Sexy body

  • Abd nor Tatit

    Abd nor Tatit

     1 months ago

    هذا الجمال.لم.يذق.طعم.الحياةوتزوجت.كافراسود

  • kim lightfoot

    kim lightfoot

     1 months ago

    Thanks for all the suckemups, I watched your instagram one, and spanx jeans one. I never thought about wearing stuff like this. In my Grandma's day, she called them girdles, pretty sure I prefer suckemups, and apparantly they have made a big comeback as shapewear. So sweetie, suckemup, you look great lol.

  • MarySuzy Perla

    MarySuzy Perla

     1 months ago

    I am proud of these women!

  • Brody Untamed

    Brody Untamed

     1 months ago +1

    No amount of shapewear gonna get rid of those rolls bruh

  • bills fan

    bills fan

     1 months ago

    you look amazing in the red one

  • Lolita Dolorosa

    Lolita Dolorosa

     1 months ago

    In case you wonder after nearly ten minutes of talking you actually get to see the gear, so fast forward to 9:50 if you don't want to wait.

  • Hk kumar

    Hk kumar

     1 months ago


  • Kihun Chang

    Kihun Chang

     1 months ago

    I skipped 3 minites to gwt to the part where you suffer im not nice but holy shittttt i might be tearing up sister you hurt

  • Keith Don

    Keith Don

     1 months ago

    Surely a gym membership is cheaper?

  • Nigoshita Sharma

    Nigoshita Sharma

     1 months ago

    Pleeeease do a video on shapermint ❤️