House holds first congressional hearing on reparations in 12 years

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 20, 2019
  • The House of Representatives held a hearing on a bill that would commission a study on possible financial reparations for descendants of slaves. Errin Haines Whack, national writer for The Associated Press, joins CBSN to discuss.
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  • Edward Sherwood

    Edward Sherwood

     3 months ago

    So apparently I owned slaves

  • Carolyn Harvey

    Carolyn Harvey

     4 months ago

    Not true lady .Cut the check. Those negros don’t speak for Real Black Americans. We are getting money 💰 and that’s just to start. We don’t want you all to try and throw a bone 🦴 out and try to give us a holiday. We can make and select our own holidays. We don’t care what Mexicans, Latinos, Black immigrants, White immigrants, etc or anyone else thinks about what is due to Black Americans . Doesn’t matter.

  • lem farba

    lem farba

     4 months ago

    Muh repatrations.

  • Ada Ghost

    Ada Ghost

     4 months ago

    white men Don't do in justice bbusiness, they will never pay reparation to american descendants ofslaves … only for the white slaves owners, japaneses, indians, white men of wall street after they crashed the world Economy etc ...

    america doesn't know justice !

  • halima candy

    halima candy

     4 months ago


  • Marco Blanco

    Marco Blanco

     4 months ago +1

    Congress, CBS and Hollyhood..... great partners in honesty and reality.
    If lies, stupidity and fantasy were gasoline.... it would be free.
    Come on CBS, support good people...quit taking Soros, Clinton and cartel's all the same.
    you, cnn and the like are the "homeless problem of news"

  • J Good

    J Good

     4 months ago

    The Democrats , the party of Slavery and Jim Crow including the so call Civil Rights movement and now the Reparations ploy just to again , get the Black Vote. Don't fall for this one , as soon as the election is over this too will fade away without any results to better the lives of anyone.



     4 months ago


  • Em Dee

    Em Dee

     4 months ago

    Need grows



     4 months ago

    Cut the check💵

  • Ischar Holloway

    Ischar Holloway

     4 months ago +4

    These mf do not speak for me.... I want my damn check!

  • The Black Shadow

    The Black Shadow

     4 months ago +3

    ✂️ the ✔️B1!!!🗣️

  • Sum Ego

    Sum Ego

     4 months ago

    R.Kelley needs some reparations. Where is Danny Glover? NBA draft needs some subsidized federal reparations - those poor boys are hurting.

  • david Milton

    david Milton

     4 months ago

    None of these selout bootlicks represent Negroes.They're somply agents of white supremacy.
    Too many sellouts are paraded 9n front of cameras.
    Talk to grass root Negroes.These clowns aren't the grassroots Negroes that brought reparations back into discussion,so they shouldn't be out front for Negroes.
    Not one of them is respected by the grassroots,not one.

    Talking about talking about reparations,what a joke..



     4 months ago +2

    Black people PLEASE stop requesting of them a proper humanity that they've NEVER been able to be accountable for.

  • Philabustah Blue

    Philabustah Blue

     4 months ago

    Did they mention the population post slavery was less than 10% of what it is now? The whole notion of it is so backward, totally absurd. But, the truth of the matter is worse.

  • I'm gone

    I'm gone

     4 months ago

    Black people aren't that stupid.
    If you want to spend money, spend it on the inner-cities in this country, and help them out.

  • Trajan Trajan

    Trajan Trajan

     4 months ago +18

    So if it’s been 12 years that means it was never discussed during Obama’s era?

  • ToUgH LoVe

    ToUgH LoVe

     4 months ago +1

    Democrats should pony up then since it was their own party. 700k white Union army soldiers died freeing the slaves but these idiots want their descendants to pay? No logic

  • Zachary hunkele

    Zachary hunkele

     4 months ago +12

    Guilt is not genetic and can't be applied to "groups" of people. Stop this identity politics insanity