How Durable is a BULLET PROOF Car?!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 8, 2018
  • How do you make a bullet proof car? Today we are going to find out. Armor Max invited Dan and I to come shoot some of their armored vehicles, and the results re pretty amazing! Check them out here:

    This is not a sponsored video. Its just super interesting to see how all of this technology works, and how Bullet proof cars are manufactured. There are several parts to a bullet proof car. The ballistic glass is pretty important. Its a layered slab of glass and plastic that stops the forward energy of the bullet.

    Inside the metal paneling of your car are other bullet proof slabs. Some companies use heavy steel to block bullet penetration, but Armor Max uses a much lighter weight material that can even be used on bullet proof helicopters.

    Check out Dan's Video:

    The camera I used to film this video:
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  • Saf Hussain

    Saf Hussain

     36 minutes ago

    This guy looks like the actor for agent 47 (the hitman) and can shoot like him

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     4 hours ago

    0:22 who doesn't like guns?

  • Hiranmoy Ghosh

    Hiranmoy Ghosh

     6 hours ago

    "Shooting guns is a hobby for me" hitman agent 47 CONFIRMED

  • Damitsall


     7 hours ago

    Who doesn't like guns? Other than nutjobs who cant own them.

  • 7.62 x39 7.62x39

    7.62 x39 7.62x39

     21 hours ago

    Why you dont shoot full auto 30 rounds like il the hood

  • Anata


     23 hours ago

    glass is glass and glass can break

  • Psychorism



    When I saw this video I thought 50 cal, anybody else?

  • Silver Lightning Remix

    Silver Lightning Remix

     2 days ago

    try a barrette 50 cal

  • Laksamana Andika Magasingan

    Laksamana Andika Magasingan

     2 days ago

    You want go to war or what?

  • Revel


     2 days ago

    Bald? Check
    Expert with a gun? Check
    Has muscles? Check

    Aight boys we found Agent 47
    (If you played Hitman Absolution you would know he cut off the barcode in the back of his head)

  • ye_haw


     2 days ago

    jf kennerdy is rolling in his grave rn

  • Justanotheraccountthatnoonecares About

    Justanotheraccountthatnoonecares About

     2 days ago

    scratches at a level 20, deeper grooves at a level 21

  • Alex Bennett

    Alex Bennett

     2 days ago

    10:59 caltrops are dope.

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    Gelber Eber

     3 days ago

    How did you get rid of your barcode?

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    Real G3nji

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    Who else saw the what’s inside guy?

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    Médéric Bellemare

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    slomoguy needed

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    Bimbo Battung

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    Knew it you're agent 47

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    @ 11:00 it’s like from gta

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    click bait

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    Bullet-proof car Scratch test...