Adult Toy Haul: Fidget Spinners & Glowing Balls

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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  • A Mark

    A Mark

     3 months ago

    You can break the blood vessels that make it "hard" by bending the penis. So imagine like a water hose and if you bend it it stops the flow and then if flows incorrectly to the wrong place now you're in the hospital with a man crying (VERY UNDERSTANDABLE). But you have to be really rough

  • Bella Morte

    Bella Morte

     3 months ago

    Definitely dazed & confused, all time favorite

  • Shannon Dand

    Shannon Dand

     4 months ago +1

    Can we have a new toy video?! Please!!

  • Tay & the Wonder Dog

    Tay & the Wonder Dog

     4 months ago

    Yeah uh, you MIGHT be a bit fidgety if somethin is up your ass! Oh my gosh if a kid found and was playin with that!

    Juggling them kegel balls!!!

    That thing suckin your face too! I needed this video!

  • Existential Crisis

    Existential Crisis

     6 months ago

    Fat chicks talk about sex so much because they are trying to prove they get laid.

    But she actually can't. Hense all the toys.

  • Elizabeth Greenawald

    Elizabeth Greenawald

     6 months ago

    I'm super asexual (meaning sex doesn't interest me in the least) and I LOVE these videos.

  • Victoria Rivera

    Victoria Rivera

     7 months ago

    My favorite movie is The Kissing Booth IG:toriluvzrivera

  • Kristin eek Slusser

    Kristin eek Slusser

     8 months ago

    My favorite movie is the notebook


     9 months ago

    When Sarah put the suck her on her cheek I'm dead lmfao

  • Willowkehler


     10 months ago

    The last movie that really wowed me was Lucy with Scarlett Johansson and my Insta is @ dontstealmyfoliage ❤❤❤

  • Lesly Lopez

    Lesly Lopez

     11 months ago

    [email protected]
    💛💛💛 my movie is rocky horror picture show just because it’s so weird and out there lol

  • Just Vee

    Just Vee

     11 months ago

    Drop Dead Fred was my jam. Cobwebs! LOL (just sharing, I know this vid is a few months old). anyhow, I swear I laughed hard out loud at the toilet cleaner review :D

  • Ruvi Revv

    Ruvi Revv

     11 months ago

    My favorite movie is 21 Jump Street

    My twitter and Insta are @ Ruvi_Revv

  • Flavia Figliola

    Flavia Figliola

     11 months ago

    10 thinhs i hate about you < all time fav movie

  • Alysha Carey

    Alysha Carey

     11 months ago

    Favourite movie is the perks of being a wallflower
    Can be contacted at [email protected]

  • Alysha Carey

    Alysha Carey

     11 months ago

    The perks of being a wallflower is my favourite movie !

  • Renae Dream

    Renae Dream

     11 months ago

    I lost it when she put it on her face lmao I love her

  • Fatima Quintanilla

    Fatima Quintanilla

     11 months ago

    I love the Addams Family! [email protected]

  • MsCutiepielesly


     11 months ago

    My all-time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. 

    Instagram is @cutiepielesly

  • Elizabeth Spohr

    Elizabeth Spohr

     11 months ago

    My favorite movie right now is gotta be the CHIPS movie that came out last year.