Quality Control CEO Pee Explains The Joe Budden Situation, Talks Signing Lil Baby, Migos + More

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 10, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/rWwv2VTPW7c


  • rasheed porche

    rasheed porche

     9 months ago +878

    If u reading this I hope you become rich and successful one day 💯

  • Tony Juarez

    Tony Juarez

     10 months ago +286

    he the new birdman. except he pay his artist.

  • Revalation


     a years ago +818

    I respect his hustle but this dude has the charisma of a house plant...

  • Volna Ramone

    Volna Ramone

     a years ago +372

    Pee remind me of every dude in the hood that just don't talk much like that. I don't think he mean to come across like he do he just don't seem like the talkative type. I understand that.

  • LJean Promise

    LJean Promise

     a years ago +453

    Lil Baby said he lost 250k against Gucci shooting Dice like it wasn’t nothing & Gucci was nice and gave him back 60k like it was 50$.. well damn



     a years ago +155

    Speed up the video to 1.25x thank me later

  • MermaidBarbie


     a years ago +135

    That's a real boss right there only the real can relate! #Salute #Pee #QC

  • FullThrotle speedking

    FullThrotle speedking

     a years ago +236

    they asking about lil baby like he not there lol

  • Skyy Walker

    Skyy Walker

     a years ago +2319

    He was probably the one who taught the Migos their interview skills.

  • Bowman Hath

    Bowman Hath

     a years ago +697

    they doin mumble interviews now

  • Fame Livin Music

    Fame Livin Music

     a years ago +210

    You can tell Lil Baby been getting BIG money way before rap.

  • powerhardy1


     a years ago +212

    Real n**gas gonna feel this interview. This was a great interview

  • New Wave 773

    New Wave 773

     a years ago +216

    For anybody that dont know .... 'Breakfast Club" start at 7 A.M which means most likely they were there about 6 who tf is full energized at 7 a.m and they country but i understood every word .... #Salute C.E.O. Pee & Lil Baby

  • Kenny Semedo

    Kenny Semedo

     8 months ago +61

    Year later lil baby one of hottest rappers out

  • Crypto Julius

    Crypto Julius

     a years ago +66

    'Ya breakthrough come from ya sacrafice.. What you willing to giveup" real spill 💯

  • LilCo4rmTheO


     a years ago +226

    Ain’t never seen so many mfs hating in my life 😂💯

  • loudboy1994


     a years ago +125

    Dam Gucci dont get the credit or recognition he deserves after puttin all the mainstream rappers on like Waka, Nikki, French, Future, Migos and Gotti

  • Mike Shawn

    Mike Shawn

     a years ago +56

    murda Mook is dat you?

  • Nicole Lynn

    Nicole Lynn

     a years ago +67

    Does anybody on that label have a personality? Charlamagne always preaching about keeping the same energy and he did not take his own advice. He backtracked so fast about Lil Yachty.

  • Modified


     a years ago +17

    P is a real legend he doesn't want these kids on the streets doing the wrong shit and all of sudden when people chase their dreams everyone hates and sometimes it's your own people that don't want you to succeed