Drifting 600hp With Hand Controls: Chairslayer's Supercharged 180sx!

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 29, 2019
  • Welcome to the finger flicker S13 is in its ultimate form. When our buddy Rob Parsons started this build, it was always a ripper... but now, it's reliable AND has style points. Fresh off of its Final Bout facelift, Chairslayer brought his ripper of an S13 hatch out to the Burnyard for some proper shredding. Chairslayer is our hero.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/rXTMkPTvYxg


  • Vincent Beall

    Vincent Beall

     15 hours ago

    This man is such an inspiration. What an amazing driver and awesome person.

  • Jumbo Burnsie

    Jumbo Burnsie

     2 days ago

    Drifts better than most people who have their legs. He even has almost a signature style maybe because he’s driving with a whole different kind of setup but every time I see this guy shred I get goosebumps

  • Ethan Tomlinson

    Ethan Tomlinson

     2 days ago

    Anyone else think chairslayers charger whistle sounds like Herbert the Pervert from family guys lisp?

  • Mohammed Hasir

    Mohammed Hasir

     7 days ago

    7:13 .. when she said "ooh" watching that engine.. instead of 6 packs..
    man, she's something..!!

  • Joe Chin

    Joe Chin

     7 days ago

    I forget how fucking insane his hand control stuff is. SO fuckin cool.

  • Justin Johnson

    Justin Johnson

     7 days ago

    The sounds that come from that car.... oooooh weeeeeee!

  • DB Ptown

    DB Ptown

     7 days ago

    Monster sounds damn good 💨🔥🔥

  • Rylan Crockett

    Rylan Crockett

     14 days ago +1

    My grandpa raced with one leg and he made a hand clutch

  • Chris Maslanka

    Chris Maslanka

     14 days ago

    The clip at 14:04 were Rob brushes the wall,was that in Shawno Wisconsin?

  • STR3SS


     14 days ago

    i was imagining controls similar to the old honda odyssey but then he showed the controls and blew my mf mind

  • KorSidy


     21 days ago

    14:47 THAT FUEL PUMP PRIME!! <3

  • Andrew Sleath

    Andrew Sleath

     21 days ago

    What song is that as they initially show the car and preview? I tried Shazam, but it didn't pop up.

  • SD loveSd

    SD loveSd

     1 months ago


  • demian m

    demian m

     1 months ago

    If u told me the best drifter ever to come on the channel (personal opportunity) couldn’t walk, I’d say ur lying.. that was awesome

  • CashingCars


     1 months ago

    He absolutely killed it



     1 months ago


  • thesnipes


     1 months ago

    Always good to see Chrislayer out there having fun!

  • M. Bacon

    M. Bacon

     1 months ago

    How much does that clutch setup and transmission cost to put together? I drive with hand controls and would love to get into drifting.

  • Jlawgaming


     1 months ago +1

    God damn rob is killing it glad to see him slaying while using what happened to his advantage

  • Sergio Contreras

    Sergio Contreras

     2 months ago

    Rob is an inspiration in all of hoonigan 🙏