TRUE CONFESSIONS with Shayne, Courtney and Ian

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 21, 2019
  • Shayne, Courtney, and Ian are spilling their deepest secrets in a game of TRUE CONFESSIONS!


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  • Cameron Morgan

    Cameron Morgan

     9 hours ago

    10:35 I'm not young I just got no clue. What is a pee shake

  • K - Boss

    K - Boss

     12 hours ago

    Wasn't there a video about Ian's first kiss? It was during a bonfire kinda thing? I think???

  • J W

    J W

     14 hours ago

    Courtney is very cute.

  • Meat Loaf

    Meat Loaf

     16 hours ago

    I love shayne topp so much🤗😘

  • Yolana Tylervite

    Yolana Tylervite

     18 hours ago

    This is actually pretty funny

  • Casey O.

    Casey O.


    Ian is that u?

  • Gummy Pig

    Gummy Pig

     yesterday +1

    Ian looks so different from food battle

  • Stella Vandee

    Stella Vandee


    “NIMBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Poor Shane

  • Eric Jones

    Eric Jones


    I have good feeling that I know who the girl was. Anyone else? Courtney spilled too much.

  • Derek Stiles

    Derek Stiles


    My school did student announcements.

  • Brooke B

    Brooke B

     2 days ago

    Poor Shane was so not feeling himself in this video.

  • Sabrina Torgerson

    Sabrina Torgerson

     2 days ago

    We had those high school trips, I was told that I couldn't go because we couldn't afford it, and then a few years later my sister went on the high school trip. My parents were in the same financial situation.

  • PsYcHoTiC MANIAC86

    PsYcHoTiC MANIAC86

     2 days ago

    Shayne don't feel so bad I had the per shake so bad that I fell over and peed all over the wall and myself so 😂. I was 13 when that happened

  • Luca Cocco

    Luca Cocco

     2 days ago

    Omg I have a teacher named ms Curtis w o w

  • Dani


     3 days ago +1

    I’m in high school and we still have assigned seating

  • Nick Weiss

    Nick Weiss

     3 days ago +1

    This whole episode is staged for Courtney to win, what has Smosh become

  • Helena MCR for life

    Helena MCR for life

     3 days ago

    I love Stefan he is my role model don’t bring him into this. He is a national treasure!

  • Angelina Zink

    Angelina Zink

     3 days ago +1

    Damn... Can I still ship her with Shayne..

  • Soraya Hassani

    Soraya Hassani

     3 days ago +1

    The way that Shane looked at Courtney in the beginning ❤❤🔥🔥😊

  • Kaleb Noa

    Kaleb Noa

     3 days ago

    The comments: omg Courtney is so hot

    Me, an intellectual: 5:57