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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 9, 2018
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  • Liviana Wilson

     2 months ago

    if I did this, my dog will just keep looking straight at me. lol.

  • Unitato Potato

     7 days ago

    I have a cat so not me

  • CherryRoses

     9 days ago

    My dog would pay more attention to my mom and if he saw a human being he didn’t know it’s attacc time

  • blûë bûttèrfly

     2 months ago

    I just wanted to hug that girl in the grey you can hear the pain in her voice n see it in her eyes 😔❣

  • versuliu vanity

     2 days ago

    @地獄の天使 it just bothers me sometimes like how everyone's a therapist these days

  • 地獄の天使

     2 days ago

    versuliu vanity people just have different ways with their words. pls be respectful at the very least

  • Trinity Giacoletti

     a months ago

    that woman’s heart is going to SHATTER if the collie passes away ):

  • JeZa

     4 days ago

    Tears...they are so connected ❤

  • B R O K E N H E A R T

     9 days ago


  • quenched

     2 months ago


  • Marios Michaelides

     3 days ago

    @Your Chin your Chin/g chang chung

  • Your Chin

     3 days ago

    Marios Michaelides Thats why your mother lives in a brothel.

  • Liana Wiley

     2 months ago

    the tall girl's body language really shows that she does NOT like dogs

  • Cute as a button Every single one of you

     15 hours ago

    Personally I'm not used when a dog is near me and I do not like when they lick me. but it does not mean that I hate dogs.

  • Ja Series


    "are you a dog person?"Internally 'i hate dogs but if I say that then people will know I'm not a good person'..."yes..."

  • Lil Billie

     3 months ago

    Aww the girls voice when she talks about her mom😭

  • Tats Aksnes

     2 months ago

    8:33 the guy in the hat wanted his dog to play with the guy who was guessing..that was nice 💕

  • 1000 subs with no videos Challange

     3 months ago

    Everyone: I rescued my dog/he is my therapy dogLast girl: I found him on craigslistI am not hating

  • Avril Tully


    that's better than the guy who breezed the French bull dog. Her dog had been abandoned. She still rescued him. The other guy was just being selfish by breeding a dog when there are so many to adopt.

  • Abby Spencer

     2 months ago

    1000 subs with no videos Challange I got my dog off of craigslist

  • Luke Russell

     7 months ago

    That border collie better live FOREVER

  • Buttercupditto

     3 days ago

    Who tf cares what breed it is... It's not the point to the OP comment. God people are morons.

  • Grinch

     4 days ago

    Yeah, MS sucks. My dad was diagnosed aswell. Ugh

  • Kaitlyn weekly

     2 months ago

    i'm shakira and i do that for a living. WHAT DOES "THAT" MEAN

  • Rizzo 17

     6 days ago

    She dresses up as a dinosaur singing hips don’t lie in a strip club.

  • luvitus bangton

     12 days ago

    Hooker stuff