Why Produce Used to Suck

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
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    Intro and outro song:

    "Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro), BWV 1049" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
  • Source: https://youtu.be/rZizVUKe4sQ


  • Michael Reid

    Michael Reid

     9 hours ago

    "I'll be good" lol

  • Seth Hackley

    Seth Hackley

     10 hours ago

    Your videos are like Vsauce videos, I never make it to the end.

  • KingAsaTheGoodest 42170

    KingAsaTheGoodest 42170

     12 hours ago

    there i fucking watched it youtube now leave me alone

  • Salvador Dorado

    Salvador Dorado

     15 hours ago

    So people ate corn like a pistachio back then?

  • Pat Holmes

    Pat Holmes

     16 hours ago

    really, this dude is so funny!

  • Pat Holmes

    Pat Holmes

     16 hours ago

    i love how he uses the sun to make them do wat he wants 🤣☀

  • tumšsCuška77


     19 hours ago


  • Nick Algiere

    Nick Algiere

     20 hours ago

    Ahh, my favorite producer producing another produce production.

  • Alfie Brooks

    Alfie Brooks

     20 hours ago

    That dance dance should kill you. And that's why I live in the sun kids

  • VoidKeeper


     21 hours ago

    God damn it! I told you PEOPLE! That damned watermelon is UNRIPE! It's an artist opening an unripe watermelon "because it looks cool for the painting".
    sorry. I didn't mean to yell. please continue.

  • jack creek

    jack creek

     21 hours ago

    Not pumpkins though. You start with one pumpkin, leave it outside by accident, next year your entire garden is covered in the motherfuckers.

  • Gaven Pyeatt

    Gaven Pyeatt


    4:04 so they look like grapes

  • Space Face

    Space Face


    I wanna turn a piece of wheat to whatever to knaw on

  • double pingas

    double pingas


    Post more salmonella made music

  • Naif TZ

    Naif TZ



  • Kaan ö

    Kaan ö


    "monsanto, everybodys favorite cooperation" had me laughin hard xD

  • The Guy You Know

    The Guy You Know


    Why I used to suck produce would have been a better title

  • Adrien DeMayo

    Adrien DeMayo


    How does this person have so many subs

  • What Am I Doing

    What Am I Doing


    this sounds like Guns Germs and Steel

  • Fractal 11235

    Fractal 11235


    wild corn looks like fat green wheat