Irish People Try Jack Link's Beef Jerky

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 13, 2019
  • You asked for it, we answered - Irish People Try Jack Link's Jerky! MERCH MADNESS: Subscribe: | Instagram: American Things: https://TRY.Media/AmericanMore Information:After a bunch of American Beef Jerky videos we've done, many of you shouted from your rooftops saying "TRY Channel, please try Jack Link's!" Well, we heard you, got a selection of some Jack Link's Beef Jerky and boy, howdy, we sure did enjoy it!The Tryers featured in this video:Dermot Ward: http://TRY.Media/DermotJustine Stafford: http://TRY.Media/Justine-StaffordBláithín de Burca: http://TRY.Media/BlaithinDarren Lalor: http://TRY.Media/DarrenBrian Gallagher: http://TRY.Media/BrianÉadaoin: http://TRY.Media/EadaoinFollow The TRY Channel:Twitter: http://TRY.Media/TwitterFacebook: http://TRY.Media/FacebookInstagram: http://TRY.Media/InstagramWatch more from The TRY Channel:Latest Uploads: https://TRY.Media/LatestUploadsPopular Uploads Playlist: https://TRY.Media/PopularUploadsTrying Alcohol Videos: https://TRY.Media/AlcoholTrying American Things: https://TRY.Media/American________________________________If you'd like to send us stuff to TRY, our postal address for packages under $60*:The TRY ChannelPM3530292Unit C1, North City Business ParkNorth Road, Dublin 11D11 RW30Ireland(*If you're sending food/drink to use in a video, please send 4 variants with enough to share between six people.)Credits :Content produced by The TRY Channel.Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound.TRY is your new home on YouTube. A place where people try things for the first time. Similar to popular YouTube channels such as BuzzFeed, WatchCut, GMM & TheFineBros' React, our goal is to create content to entertain you and to bring a positive light to the start or end of your day.
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  • Justine Stafford

     2 months ago

    I stand by my comment, I think jerky could replace most relationships in my life. COME AT ME YOU DELICIOUS SNACCIDENT. 💜 🥩 😂🙈

  • RGSRinc

     9 days ago

    You remind me of a young Emily Watson. :)

  • david lindsey

     10 days ago

    Try it with a pint 🍻 especially that jalapeño one. YW

  • Fried Guy's

     2 months ago

    They'll love beef jerky till you see the price tag on them 😂

  • Bill Reines

     9 days ago

    So true

  • La Bella

     21 days ago

    @Joe C First time I ever had venison, it was deer jerky.It was sheer and absolute heaven. I can't even enjoy beef jerky any more. Which reminds me.. I lost contact with the person I got it from. and just recently reconnected.. I'm going to have to hit them up and ask them how much for a pound or 5, lol.

  • azdgariarada

     2 months ago

    I want a shirt that says "You're Jalapeñ-OK" underneath a picture of Justine giving me a thumbs up.

  • Adrian Bryant

     2 months ago

    Can we please have more Dermot and Justine? They have great chemistry!!!

  • Kristi C

     2 months ago

    So glad Dermot had a whole shoot he enjoyed, and watching Brian laughing at Eadaoin about the beef/pork just made my day!

  • Fuller Fairfax

     2 months ago

    Dermot and Justine low-key campaigning for people to send them more jerky at the end. lol

  • Justine Reyes

     2 months ago

    jwrockets YUS!!!

  • jwrockets

     2 months ago

    I could stand to hear more about the Saturday night meat journeys.

  • Vinny A

     2 months ago

    I want my wife to look at me the way Dermot looks at a pack of bourbon anything.

  • Capn Crunch

     1 months ago

    “I think this could replace crisps”Yeah just wait until you see the $7 price tag for a tiny bag

  • andhisband

     15 days ago

    Maybe that's why they've done 5 jerky taste tests.

  • HedonisticFury

     2 months ago

    The sheer devastation when Dermot and Justine realize they can't get Jack Link's in Ireland. 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Ferrell

     2 months ago

    "Peppered" and "Teryaki" are Jack's best two flavors. You missed both in this video.

  • Felicia Claye

     8 days ago

    Peppered and sweet and hot are my favorite

  • Kaden Kirkpatrick

     14 days ago

    Impaleification no one cares