Maleficent: Mistress of Evil | "Return to the Moors" Featurette with Angelina Jolie

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 25, 2019
  • Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is in theaters October 18.

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    “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” is a fantasy adventure that picks up several years after “Maleficent,” in which audiences learned of the events that hardened the heart of Disney’s most notorious villain and drove her to curse a baby Princess Aurora. The film continues to explore the complex relationship between the horned fairy and the soon to be Queen as they form new alliances and face new adversaries in their struggle to protect the moors and the magical creatures that reside within. The film is directed by Joachim Rønning from a story by Linda Woolverton and a screenplay by Linda Woolverton and Micah Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster, the film is produced by Joe Roth, Angelina Jolie and Duncan Henderson with Matt Smith, Jeff Kirschenbaum and Michael Vieira serving as executive producers.

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  • Federico Peri

    Federico Peri

     3 months ago

    Saw it today. Absolutely WONDERFUL and beautiful 😍❤ Angelina Jolie is simply AMAZING!!!

  • LOL surprise

    LOL surprise

     3 months ago

    Oscar for Angie.She's brilliant.

  • Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong Un

     3 months ago

    I just watched this on cinema a minute ago, haha I love it

  • T. E. Burgos

    T. E. Burgos

     3 months ago

    What's the melody that starts around 00:28 onward? I could swear I have heard it somewhere else!!

  • Wavy Winsday

    Wavy Winsday

     3 months ago

    DAM: she still Looks GOOD! let’s just ignore the fake cheek bones and costume for a moment. I’m glad she’s back on her job!

  • Lothar The Stunty

    Lothar The Stunty

     3 months ago

    Why do I feel that this is her answer to her split with Brad?

  • Chewy Chewbacca

    Chewy Chewbacca

     3 months ago

    I didn't even know this movie was coming out till I saw this YouTube ad



     3 months ago


  • Talons X

    Talons X

     3 months ago

    "Beasty "

  • YD 223

    YD 223

     3 months ago

    She can be my mistress of evil

  • Kirbie & keith Caalim

    Kirbie & keith Caalim

     3 months ago

    Its tommorow!!

  • None None

    None None

     3 months ago +1

    Evil much?

  • Nichole & Dad

    Nichole & Dad

     3 months ago +1

    Still a smoke show!!

  • Katie Lopez

    Katie Lopez

     3 months ago

    I have already watched the movie is is SO SO SO GOOD!!!

  • Natalia M.

    Natalia M.

     3 months ago

    Ruined Maleficent. She’s supposed to be EVIL! And it’s a bummer cuz I like Angelina Jolie as her. Just hate what Disney did to my favorite villain.

  • John Rambo

    John Rambo

     3 months ago +2

    Jesus is my savior!

  • Animated Terror

    Animated Terror

     3 months ago

    It doesn’t look terrible! That is to say, the low bar these films set has Angelina Jolie hanging on to it for dear life lest she fall into the pit of mediocrity and dead cash cows beneath her.

  • Mad man Mitch

    Mad man Mitch

     3 months ago

    Still a sexy ass woman

  • Rondel Tritt

    Rondel Tritt

     3 months ago

    There is 2 movies that they can't cast no one else to play the main character is this one and tomb raider

  • Blue River Stone Stables

    Blue River Stone Stables

     3 months ago

    Watching this today!