January 2019 - Vlog/Journal

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 7, 2019
  • Figured I'd keep a monthly vlog, then give you a video showing my life for that month. If you like it, I'll do it monthly, if not, enjoy the one time experiment.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/rozSvPkYMbk


  • Pourya Bigonah

     4 months ago

    I´ve been waiting for this..for 5 years.

  • Elygod (伊利神)

     4 months ago


  • Pirate Style Jutsu

     4 months ago

    Pourya Bigonah Your name is awesome.

  • Ryan M

     4 months ago

    This vlog was a good time, no alcohol required

  • Spencer Carroll

     4 months ago

    That's not bad.

  • jayden goodwin

     4 months ago

    It was awesometacular

  • TheDiegoMovies

     4 months ago

    Your voice is so different when you speak naturally lmao

  • Spitfire836

     4 months ago

    "shes vegan and so I ordered the *grass fed* filet out of respect" LOL

  • Indeimaus

     4 months ago

    "as I sit here with my bed head"hair looks exactly the same as alwaysdamnit jeremy

  • superbrewers

     4 months ago

    That's what you call intelligence. Bring a photo to your barber of yourself when you wake up: "I want to look like this . . . always.."

  • Robin Banks

     4 months ago

    Indeimaus Jeremy was probably born wearing a dark suit and sporting an Ivy League haircut. The hospital room he was born in also probably had red walls and his first words could’ve only been “If you’ve like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more.”

  • Dr. Manhattan

     4 months ago

    Holy shit this is perfectI mean awesometacular

  • PunxsutawneyDave

     4 months ago

    I enjoyed this. Jeremy did a review that I hated so much I was genuinely angry with him. (yes, stupid, I know) But what I forgot (or ignored) was that he's not some CGI creation of James Cameron. He's a human being that laughs and snuggles with puppies and solves puzzles with his girlfriend and let's Angry Joe trick him into losing a fighting game. Just a regular human being no different than me or anyone else. I think it's good to be reminded of things like that.

  • Rad Opposums

     3 months ago

    @Derek Fisher Not knowing a human being personally makes that distinction difficult, not technology. Very often that's why dehumanization works so well, without extensive personal knowledge, other humans are NPCs, mindless drones just cluttering up the space. It's not that hard to believe because I feel the same way.

  • Harate

     4 months ago

    PunxsutawneyDave we need to know which review triggered you 😂

  • thereisnocarolinHR

     4 months ago

    Yes do the vlogs regularly. I like the whole month wrapped into one video.

  • Mohammed

     4 months ago

    2:41 "I don't film in 4k, i don't need it."4:42 Buys a 4k camera

  • JimmySnaps

     4 months ago

    to export sharp 1080p :D

  • Optimus

     4 months ago

    Hey Jeremy why didn't you brag that you are dating Isla Fisher? :D