Truth Behind WWE's Q2 Financials, Chaos Surrounds Next Saudi Show

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 25, 2019
  • Todays’s wrestling news including WWE Financials (0:50), chaos surrounding WWE's next Saudi Arabia show (4:32), backstage news on WWE Network being relaunched soon (6:19), Lacey Evans & Alundra Blayze clash in crazy Twitter war (7:45) and Brandi Rhodes claims AEW wrestlers "won't be driving themselves" to shows (10:00).

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  • Kouji Chan

    Kouji Chan

     1 months ago

    Go to 00:55 to skip their dumb rhyming intro.

  • Troll Face

    Troll Face

     1 months ago

    Vince is a genius..i dont care what anyone says..he knows how to keep his "superstars" in check...not make them larger than life so they dont leave...he doesnt listen to his stupid moronic fans...he's making millions despite ratings going down...he has loads of sponsors ...he gets under peoples skin ..hes a true genius he knows exactly what he's doing ppl say he should he retires WWE is going to lose

  • D Bone

    D Bone

     1 months ago

    Doink the Clown > Gangrel.

  • Ben Hoskin

    Ben Hoskin

     1 months ago

    WWE need to put Balor in the Club & then do UE vs The Club!!! That is where the 💸 is at!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

  • J. Combes

    J. Combes

     1 months ago

    My the only one that doesn't understand and just annoyed by Andy Murray's forced laughing?

  • wulf xan

    wulf xan

     1 months ago

    vince for sure isn’t the craziest billionaire

  • mark park

    mark park

     1 months ago

    1.6 million subscribers is actually a lot

  • Ricky Evans

    Ricky Evans

     1 months ago +2

    Lacy Evans kinda just stuck into character responding to that tweet and Alundra went off lmao. also how did Lacey fail in the military

  • Anthony Esquibel

    Anthony Esquibel

     1 months ago

    You dorks are like s couple of giggling school girls

  • Joe Carroll 3

    Joe Carroll 3

     1 months ago

    Wait, WWE still has fans? I don't think so. Everyone hates WWE now.

  • Dantè Spardason

    Dantè Spardason

     1 months ago

    Can’t trust a YouTube channel that puts “truth” in their title.

  • Jamie Vandermaas

    Jamie Vandermaas

     1 months ago

    Penis, giggle, giggle, giggle

  • D Nichols

    D Nichols

     1 months ago +1

    The easy solution to the Saudi Arabia show issue is to stop televising them stop promoting them and treat them like dark matches or the glorified house shows they are. We don’t know it’s happening, we stop caring, Saudi still gets their product, wwe still honors their contract and Vince still gets paid. Everybody’s happy.

  • Jim Cornette

    Jim Cornette

     1 months ago

    Sooo changing a date is controversial chaos now

  • ASMoney13


     1 months ago +1

    The Rock shows up to the AEW show haha

  • G Rid

    G Rid

     1 months ago

    We bemoan the product but look at 205 live. Overseen by hhh. It's brilliant, it's perfect, no-one watches it. We instead sit here moaning about raw. We are retarded. It's our own fault.

  • Mikko Viitanen

    Mikko Viitanen

     1 months ago +1

    Wyatt beating Taker at WM36 xD Come on guys it will never happen. If you guys are lucky Wyatt is still in TV at next April

  • Mikko Viitanen

    Mikko Viitanen

     1 months ago

    MBS > Elizabeth II

  • S. Ribeiro

    S. Ribeiro

     1 months ago +2

    You guys rhymed labia with Saudia Arabia. God damn it, please, "RHYME FOREVER"

  • xrellikgr


     1 months ago

    You 2 just bitch about having WWE working 6 days a week, yet you think sending the Iconics to NXT/NXT UK creating more travel for them....