Drake "In My Feelings" Challenge Dance Compilation Video 2018 Kiki Keke Challenge

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 24, 2018
  • Drake "In My Feelings" Challenge Dance Compilation Video 2018 #InMyFeelingsChallenge #ShiggyChallenge #KekeChallenge #KikiChallenge
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/rufIlSAxWps


  • K-Pop A.R.M.Y

    K-Pop A.R.M.Y

     8 hours ago

    Where is Jung Hoseok (J hope)🙈?????

  • SSub HUN

    SSub HUN

     18 hours ago

    For Hungarians: A Lánchídra fel lehet menni?

  • Elle B

    Elle B


    Yasss love this mix 🔥❤

  • Paulina Ayala

    Paulina Ayala

     7 days ago

    Solo yo español😭

  • A boogie wit da hoodie

    A boogie wit da hoodie

     7 days ago

    It’s all ways the girls wearing the shortest shorts getting the most attention

  • Richard Springer

    Richard Springer

     7 days ago

    You're smart

  • Ashley Toler

    Ashley Toler

     7 days ago

    Will Smith is so funny 😂

  • williams herwet dülsert 114

    williams herwet dülsert 114

     7 days ago

    7:28 electrifying?

  • She's A Natural Move Maker

    She's A Natural Move Maker

     7 days ago

    Number 8 took Keke 🤘🏼



     14 days ago


  • Halia Mick

    Halia Mick

     14 days ago

    7:50 wow

  • Daniel Contreras

    Daniel Contreras

     21 days ago

    Age restriction 🤣

  • Lucy Reyes

    Lucy Reyes

     21 days ago

    Drake lie

  • hati hatim

    hati hatim

     21 days ago


  • ionicafardefrica


     21 days ago

    this is some of the most retarded and irresponsible shit i've seen on youtube for a long time. Not to mention some of the worst synth music i've heard. I'm usually a pretty open minded guy, but this is simply too much stupidity. I might be getting old, but this... Shame on Will Smith for setting this kind of example!

  • Mohamed Lamine Diaby

    Mohamed Lamine Diaby

     21 days ago

    Beautiful it's sing

  • Mariyam Shepherd

    Mariyam Shepherd

     21 days ago

    why is this age restricted

  • pirate. trixx

    pirate. trixx

     21 days ago


  • Linda Jürgensen

    Linda Jürgensen

     21 days ago

    This is so cringe.

  • wallace lover of cheeze

    wallace lover of cheeze

     28 days ago

    I love will smith but i didnt expect him here.