Happy Death Day 2U - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 14, 2019
  • Flower Gelbmans relives the same day she relived in the first movie, only this time, we delve deeper into the explanation as to how. Here's my review of HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U!#HDD2U #HappyDeathDay
  • Source: https://youtu.be/rwiTXecpZIg


  • Fools Errand

     4 months ago

    I’m always a sucker for Groundhog-esque Day movies. And Happy Death day mixed my favorite, corny horror trope (slasher flicks) with my favorite, corny time-looping trope. I’ll enjoy watching this over a couple beers.

  • wolf wing

     1 months ago

    what did you think with it :>

  • eefran8

     4 months ago

    Maybe try the 2006 movie “Salvage” similar but very dark indie twist.


     4 months ago

    This movie is basically like playing Dark Souls. You keep dying.

  • deg1studios

     1 months ago

    @Rico Rodriguez sekiro is too easy

  • Rico Rodriguez

     1 months ago

    Or sekiro

  • Stephen M. Green

     4 months ago

    I'm personally excited for Jordan Peele's, "US." Who's excited for that film?

  • Metal Gear Flacid 420

     4 months ago

    @Jay Brown y do you keep posting that.....like wtf

  • kurtis vollert

     4 months ago

    me too man

  • Roddy Rod

     4 months ago

    2:55 ....a quote for the history books

  • donald brown

     4 months ago

    Team America World Police

  • Vaigar TheCrazy

     4 months ago

    That sounds like a Critikal quote

  • lashay bailey

     4 months ago

    She should have been captain Marvel. She has more charisma and IT factor.

  • NinjaWalrus

     25 days ago

    Dastvan that’s a fuckin good idea

  • Justin Y.

     4 months ago

    As if dying again and again wasn't enough

  • IcekillaV1000

     1 months ago

    Justin Y. Niggah stfu

  • Martín Alonso González

     4 months ago

    dude everywhere I go

  • RJ Foxxy

     4 months ago

    I saw it today and I loved it, it wasn't really horror but Tree kept the movie going

  • Kely Andrea

     3 months ago

    Where do you watched it?

  • Struggle Drax

     4 months ago

    Loved this movie more than the 1st one, which i never thought i would say.

  • Andrew Swanson Films

     4 months ago

    It’s Groundhogs Day but a little scary haha

  • Lydia McCarthy

     4 months ago


  • Jay Brown

     4 months ago

    Andrew Swanson Films If ur alone on Valentine’s Day don’t be sad. A lot of people don’t have aids on national aids day.

  • SoulCaster

     4 months ago

    With the Final Destination movies done... these movies and maybe franchise works great to fill that void.

  • Big Bad Wolf Flurry Face

     4 months ago

    The makers of saw are rebooting the final destination series so there will be a sixth movie

  • Devon Lott

     4 months ago

    Can't wait it coming in 2020.