YOUR ASSUMPTIONS aka Being Offended For 34 Minutes 😂 | Sarah Rae Vargas

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019
  • Well this was a blast in a glass.

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  • Edina


     5 months ago +116

    Wow, I'm just utterly shocked. I didn't meant to hurt or offend you or your kids, it's just how it looks to me as a european, it's too much store bought and processed food. Obesity is clearly not healthy and pretending as it was is not healthy. I used to watch all your videos and vlogs, I won't in the future, and I wasn't rude or meant to hurt you.

  • Jessica Ford

    Jessica Ford

     6 days ago

    Clothing line 😍😍😍😍😍 i love your style i would buy

  • Nikki Cruz

    Nikki Cruz

     1 months ago

    I've always always always loved EVERYTHING about you, & your videos! But this one seriously gave me a whole new level of love & respect towards you. I literally FELT that last questions response IN MY SOUL !!!! I cried watching you talk about your "blessings" because it was so deep & real.. not only by your choice of words but by your expressions, & just the energy that came from you. It was indescribably beautiful! There are not enough kind words that I could describe you with. Your are genuinely true to yourself, your children, your partner, & God! Thank you for being such a positive influence on this network! The world needs more Sarahs!!!!! 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • Upenda Sana

    Upenda Sana

     1 months ago

    god,I love your energy.

  • Nit_Nat_


     1 months ago

    "You don't eat this one piece of cheese" ... i felt that lol. My toddler is in that phase. She doesn't want to eat anything but freaking peanut butter crackers... no not the crackers, just the peanut butter between them!
    Im like... fkn seriously girl Eat something!! lol ((no i don't curse, but i sure as hell want to sometimes lol)). She just goes "No" and runs.... When she does finally eat something, even if it's a french fry or chicken nugget, I'm like just Praize Jebus she's getting more than Peanutbutter!!! lol. ((yes i offer fruits and veggies too... but something is better than nothing))
    She takes vitamins, just so i know shes at least getting some "good" in her.

    Somedays i feel like a crap mom because she won't eat other things, and I'll cry when no ones watching, but ... at least shes loved and she's eating something, anything i can get her to eat... I'm trying lol.

    Being a Mom is hard! We're hardest on ourselves without others being all judgy... at least i know that's how I am. Anything someones said, i've probably already said to myself or something worse ... lol. Gotta love that negative nancy that lives in my head and likes putting me down somedays... not.

    But I love my daughter more than anything/one in the world. And anyone that dare say otherwise will feel my wrath. Momma bear mode x 100 ... nothing stopping till their eyes are torn out.

    If a mom hasn't had any struggles with their kids... then they must be lil angels ... or robots... lol. xD

    Anyway, I'm sure you're a great momma to those two beautiful kids you got. Keep up the great work and love em like I know you are!! <3

  • Cherie Roatz

    Cherie Roatz

     1 months ago

    You should look into Vanguard ETF's - they are what Warren Buffet uses and they are high performing and low fees. The power of compound interest is insane!

  • Mimi V

    Mimi V

     1 months ago

    Now Edina, tell us all about you . Where exactly did you learn to be a female bow wow ? 🤔

  • Zach Felton

    Zach Felton

     1 months ago

    You are so beautiful!!!



     1 months ago

    i dig this channel, you are so pretty inside & out, showing your bare essentials seems unneeded with the underwear haul videos. no social media personality should do that. it in my opinion under minds the sanctity of privacy and pleasure for/of your special person. how? suddenly we can see 95% of what he sees. being secure in yourself is not necessarily baring all. i feel that being secure is not being afraid to say what one feels, without thought of discourse. (what i am doing now.) these type of videos are GREAT talking and divulging of yourself is hot!!! also you said you believe in God, i am fascinated by that now. keep the faith sister. god fearing man over here! that 1 year "not boyfriend" hahaha..if you dated, a year, he is your man hahahaha. it hurts my eyes that you tagged this video "thotiana" you are far better. i have 0 siblings. you said genetically big i am guessing half samoan...beautiful people. keep the faith freind in jesus. check my channel out, tell me what you think. mine is not as high tech as yours. blessings to you!!!!!!!!!!! once again you are great!

  • Anita Luevano

    Anita Luevano

     1 months ago

    Everyone stop fighting they say keep comments respectful lol

  • Anita Luevano

    Anita Luevano

     1 months ago

    Could you do a mukbang storytime with your boyfriend

  • Christina Faulkner

    Christina Faulkner

     1 months ago

    You are one of the influencers I would love to meet someday! You have often been a rock for me when it comes to my confidence as a plus size woman. If you do leave youtube, I will miss your videos and vlogs so much! I hope for nothing but the best for you and your kids though! So much love in my heart goes out to you and your family!

  • Erika Martinez

    Erika Martinez

     2 months ago

    Sara is a great mom.. Every time she packs lunch for the kids I actually learn something and try it with my kids and some times its a hit or miss.. lol but my kids are picky eaters but I still try it .. 😊

  • Elizabeth Olveda

    Elizabeth Olveda

     2 months ago

    Sarah I've started recently watching ur videos... love them. But damn you have GREAT cheekbones!!!!

  • Miguel Morales

    Miguel Morales

     2 months ago

    Tell em Sarah!! I used to be the biggest in my classes in elementary & my doctor always told my mom I was healthy!! I used to be the tallest and biggest and still healthy! 🤙🏼

  • Miguel Morales

    Miguel Morales

     2 months ago

    Okayyy Sarah ! If you make a book I will buy the living outta that book lol ❤️

  • Veruka Salts

    Veruka Salts

     2 months ago

    Take a shot everytime you hear. HOWEVER..🥃

  • Changing2bhappy Inchaaallah

    Changing2bhappy Inchaaallah

     2 months ago

    Im in love with her voice and accent

  • Cammie Machado

    Cammie Machado

     3 months ago

    5 minutes in. Giggling because I heard, "it's a great way to get an erection." 😂😂

  • Abd nor Tatit

    Abd nor Tatit

     3 months ago

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