The X Factor Season 3 Favourite Bad Auditions

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 8, 2015
  • The X Factor Season 3 Favourite Bad Auditions! the sores of the worse!
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  • Tropicalponygirl TPG

     2 years ago

    Why did David have a guitar?

  • Dylan R.

     15 days ago

    To hold him back from ripping the earth into shreds

  • Bridget Criddle

     1 months ago

    **davie504 has entered the chat**

  • Santiago Restrepo-Castillo

     7 months ago

    Simon: (laughing) You threw water over a contestantLouis: Cus she was gonna do it to me!Simon: (still laughing) You threw water over a contestantLouis: Yes! Before she did it to me!Simon: You're not supposed to do that.Louis: ...Simon: (giggling) You can't throw water over the singers LouisLouis: She was doing it to me!Simon: She didn't you threw it over her!Louis: (serious) She was doing it to me.I love this.

  • Thee Musician

     11 days ago

    @Daniela DeAndra I was thinking the same thing

  • Eva Lu

     12 days ago

    Santiago Restrepo-Castillo ....I thought she was a good singer!!

  • Aish

     5 months ago

    I really like the Russian guy's attitude. The way he was jumping was like he got 3 YESs. First time seeing someone walk out that happy after getting rejected xD

  • Sarahlovee

     6 days ago

    He said next time...he didn't take it as a loss. Just on to the next.

  • alfa-psi

     7 days ago

    He wasn't happy, should be fairly obvious.Look how happy he was: 03:43He was just being defiant.

  • BixyL

     25 days ago

    They just need holistic vocal coaching

  • Pucci Puu


    What’s that ?

  • SIN15T3R


    That woman actually scares me. She looked like she lived in a world of her own

  • sonerscorner

     7 months ago

    Poor Louie. You could tell he was a bit nervous after he threw that water at that crazy girl. You could hear it in his voice like "ahhh shit maybe I shouldn't have done that." but I mean he is right. She was coming for him. He just got her first 😂👉

  • MsLunaWinter

     2 days ago

    He's good we all agreed with him.

  • danzig159

     7 days ago

    @Kaylee Broad Suck my balls, bitch.

  • Angie_Trashbag

     2 years ago

    it's 4 am and im binge watching these... what has my life come to

  • David Craig

     22 days ago


  • Unlikelyspore 1

     22 days ago


  • Terri Leigh

     11 months ago

    I'm glad Louis poured water on that girl, she was awful and that lip piercing is a horrible distraction!

  • Carlos DeNevier

     5 days ago

    scened ... all staged. she even almost forgot the first line.

  • Eva Lu

     7 days ago

    Terri Leigh that was Debbie Stevens

  • Artesia Townes

     5 months ago

    If im having a bad day. I just hop on YouTube and binge watch these auditions brings my spirits up every single time.

  • Bette Byrd

     19 hours ago

    Amen ! Amen! LOL

  • The Official Andy Saenz

     5 days ago

    Artesia Townes Me 2! 😂🤣

  • Fish

     3 months ago

    “You couldn’t win this competition if you were the only one in it” Bahahahahaha

  • Karen Adams

     13 days ago


  • Alex How To

     17 days ago


  • boujeelisa

     7 months ago

    6:50Louis: You can not singGuy: UhLouis: You out of tuneGuy: UhLouis: Everything was awful.Guy: Ah

  • Jamie Forbes

     19 days ago


  • blue sunflower

     1 months ago

    Every "uh" and "ah" was a bullet woundBut did he die though?