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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 9, 2019
  • Welcome to my NEW series Doctor vs. Google! I know we all love to run to google search whenever we have a medical question and sometimes that type of searching is great but it can easily get sidetracked based on the autocomplete or just getting weird search results.

    I decided to transform the classic Autocomplete video format on its side and just react to my google searches as we cover a specific topic each week. This week that topic issssss... "Doctors", Yay =]

    I hope you enjoy this new format and if you do please be sure to like and comment to let me know.

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  • MsKizationify


     6 hours ago

    Digitalization is good, f.e. I am only visiting my doctor for general health check ups to give blood samples, to renew my certificates for driving license etc and I do not need to go back for second time to get the printed version of the certificate, but can give a call and have signed certificate online and send it to the right institutes. :) Somewhat I think this actually gives more time to doctors to work with patients that have serious health issues :)

  • Y2Ksnowglobe


     12 hours ago

    The doctors and honesty question reminds me of the difference between my last cardiologist and the one I have now. As an ACHD patient who works to keep up to date with the research in regards to my condition, I am fully aware that we're all flying blind into this new world where people like me are finally becoming adults. I hated my last cardiologist because he acted so confident and condescending while I meanwhile was sitting there going, "Come on man, I saw one of your co-workers saying the opposite thing at a seminar this summer because we don't have concrete data on anything, stop bsing me by pretending anything is certain." So I ditched him and my current cardiologist is so up front about how little anyone knows about what anything means in this field. When I last saw her, she talked about my test results and legit said, "So we saw your pressures increase but we still don't know if that is a bad thing or if it means anything." and I love her for it.

  • Emily Flanigan

    Emily Flanigan


    I just got so mad at myself. 😂 I’ve been watching you for over a month now, followed all your other social media and just realized I haven’t subscribed to you yet! Don’t worry I fixed it. 😂

  • FractalFoxet



    Doctors handwriting being illegible is ABSOLUTELY a thing. I am a pharmacy technician and I process rx from doctors all the time. 7/10 is sloppy, 2/10 is neat, 1/10 is illegible. Male or female doctor it doesn't matter. 20% of the time I have to ask my pharmacist for clarification on the rx and yes, we have had to call a doctor office for clarification on a script before. ALTHOUGH to be fair, not all rx are from doctors :P

    Edit: Wanted to add a note, we have 1 doctor who writes in super fancy calligraphy. It's super fancy looking but still kinda hard to read (for a different reason). I dunno...just an interesting thing I thought I'd mention.

  • Serenitic Dragon

    Serenitic Dragon

     3 days ago

    OH MY DAD IS A psychiatrist doctor at a hospital and he has small handwriting like yours :0

  • Niels Swinkels

    Niels Swinkels

     3 days ago +1

    Why was his first screen on his computer on incognito mode?

  • Emma From Fierce & Funny Squad

    Emma From Fierce & Funny Squad

     3 days ago

    This is off topic but you remind me of my uncle lol. I live in Long Island and my uncle lives in the city, like you, and he has a big dog, like you, and is very healthy and likes green tea. But he’s a lawyer 😂😂

  • Mia Beukes

    Mia Beukes

     4 days ago

    I want to thank you for your positivity and giving a doctors perspective. Because alot of people don't think of how the dok feels. And don't respect the doctor. And no I am not a doctor but I visit the hospital often and see how patients treat doctors.

  • Mark Claassen

    Mark Claassen

     4 days ago

    I’m doing a dr Mike binge

  • Anna Kin

    Anna Kin

     4 days ago +1

    0:49 So we’re just gonna ignore: “doctors are narcissists,”and “doctors are the leading cause of death!? 😂

  • Mahua Bhattacharyya

    Mahua Bhattacharyya

     4 days ago

    I wanna f*ck this man

  • The Heartless Hero 2077

    The Heartless Hero 2077

     4 days ago

    To state my opinion on a truthful doctor, I suport it unless its my doctor.

    All I'm saying is that if i become terminal for whatever reason, I DON'T want them to tell me. I'd rather remain oblivious and unafraid.

    Of course if they tell me IMMEDIATELY AFTER I SAID I DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW, then I'm going to haunt them out of spite....

  • Bridget Anderson

    Bridget Anderson

     4 days ago

    I write like a toddler with Parkinson’s disease so I must be a genius

  • Bridget Anderson

    Bridget Anderson

     4 days ago

    Sloppy handwriting is said to be a sign of intelligence

  • Vinita Sharma

    Vinita Sharma

     4 days ago

    I really never noticed until 4:37 in the picture that Dr. Mike doesn't have a straight nose.

  • Matilde Saraiva

    Matilde Saraiva

     4 days ago

    My hospital schedules patients to 8 AM but doctors only arrive at 9ish. why :(

  • Samantha Howard

    Samantha Howard

     5 days ago

    I am a medical scribe at an Urgent Care facility and I feel the medical scribes in the health care profession are incredibly useful because we take the pressure off of the doctor/provider to stare at the computer while they are in an exam room with a patient.
    In my facility, scribes go into the exam room with the doctor and does all of the "box clicking" and note taking for them so they can focus on the face to face aspect and the physical exam.
    Scribes cut down on the screen time for doctors so they have more time for the assessment and diagnosis of a patient so they aren't worried about spending hours in front of a computer. Plus, the charting is done faster so the doctors don't have to spend all of their "after hours" time working on charts and trying to remember each patient and every little detail about every patient.

  • allosch9


     5 days ago

    The UC Davis vet school just got rid of our pagers last year!

  • IoliteStray


     5 days ago

    It’s that plant he threw hands with

  • Troll you

    Troll you

     6 days ago +1

    I have a question does doctor when sick do they go see a doctor