What Happened to Holly? | Reacting To Cesar's Worst Bite

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 19, 2019
  • Many of you have been asking about Holly! It has been years since I have looked back at this footage from The Dog Whisperer- today I wanted to explain what went wrong the day I was bitten by Holly, and where she is now!

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    In this vlog, Cesar Millan reacts to the episode of The Dog Whisperer featuring Holly, explaining what happened, what was going through his mind at the time that he was bitten, the mistakes leading up to it, what he has learned since, and where Holly is now!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/sFdhoEw8eWw


  • Cesar Millan

    Cesar Millan

     5 months ago +6630

    Do you guys remember this episode? Have you ever made a mistake with an animal and what have you learned since then?

  • Troszku Znudzony

    Troszku Znudzony

     an hour ago

    Fajny jest ten Pimpuś

  • Captain Teeko

    Captain Teeko

     an hour ago

    I saw a video once suggesting it was the camera guy she freaked out at? Like u said as if she was like who r these other ppl? So I guess they were right? Kinda 🤷🏻‍♀️ but still least y’all r friends now :D

  • Haters Gonna Hate

    Haters Gonna Hate

     2 hours ago

    17:00 LOL the drooling , my dogs do the same , thier brain already getting thier mouth ready for the dry kibble

  • Martin B

    Martin B

     5 hours ago

    ive probably watched maybe 2 Cesar videos on youtube ever in like 5 years. So I was wondering why this was suggested.
    then I got to the end with the pack of dogs. All I am thinking when I see a Weimaraner is, "youtube....google....you guys are friggin creepy af and this is some stalker level shit".
    why? Because I work with the breed. I don't search for it on youtube. But sometimes i send my own emails from my rescue email to my google email.

    This is creepy af. Google, I know you scan my emails....but there are limits.

  • rel 330

    rel 330

     6 hours ago

    well the dog is almost dead now what do you expect

  • overclucker


     7 hours ago

    A couple months ago my dog was barking for more than two minutes, so I go to the front of the house to check things out. As I get closer to the front of the house, I start hearing screaming outside. An escaped pit bull attacked a young ladies spaniel right outside my house. The young lady had been hitting the dog trying to get it off her dog and she was bitten pretty good in the confusion. By the time I had run out there in my shorts and flip flops, the pit bull had backed off but was still looking for another chance at the spaniel. I got between them and started clapping and walking towards the pit bull telling to git. while I'm keeping the pit bull back, the girl takes her spaniel behind my fence. The bad owner of the pit bull finally pulls up and puts the pit bull in her car. I told her that her dog needs a farm and that pit bulls aren't house dogs. Not sure how true that is, but all dogs should get to live on a farm.

  • overclucker


     8 hours ago

    Try unseeing the wall of hamburger meat behind him.

  • FilmMagician


     8 hours ago

    So then Cesar took the dog?? Lol

  • EagleSpirit88


     9 hours ago

    Cesar you fool no mortal could handle that power stance.

  • Vamps


     10 hours ago

    I Love Ceasar the dog whisper , he is a lover of dogs and knows how they think better then most...love it bro...you rock!

  • C Moore

    C Moore

     12 hours ago

    I use rash quick single sounds to get attention then silent body language, has worked for me.

  • Amana-Ray Brown

    Amana-Ray Brown

     13 hours ago

    10:40 is where you need to be

  • Whit 350z

    Whit 350z

     15 hours ago

    I don’t get if he loves dogs so much why does he sell cheap bad dog food

  • Elizah Williams

    Elizah Williams

     16 hours ago

    No that's self defense and if animal rights people get bit what would they do.

  • James Frey

    James Frey

     16 hours ago

    who the fuck is saying that Cesar is a dog abuser? an abused dog wouldn't lick him in the face affectionately.

  • clash ott

    clash ott

     17 hours ago

    she's drooling

  • Franz Ferdinand

    Franz Ferdinand

     17 hours ago

    at 15:07 it looks like the camera man was distracted by the Pomeranian in the tire lol

  • Tomi Strausbaugh

    Tomi Strausbaugh

     18 hours ago

    You know. That's exactly what I do when it comes to dealing with animals. Because they're (most of the time) acting upon what their human stances are eminating.

  • Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden

     18 hours ago

    i saw that episode always wondering what becomes of her she doing well now gj Cesar greetings from holland