Story time| I WAS SCAMMED BY MY OWN BOYFRIEND! Relationship Scammer| Single Mom Vlog

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
  • This is a very personal topic I finally had the courage to share with you all regarding an ex boyfriend #ZeshawnCampbell who scammed me .. this happened the end of 2017.. I hope that every woman out there that’s been scammed the way I have are brave enough to use their voice and not be silenced. This is very common now a days so please always be cautious who you let into your life. Make sure you always do a “criminal” background check and take your time getting to know someone. 💖 Feel free to repost. Music Credit: Ikson "Reverie" www.iksonmusic.comComment+Subscribe+Like Thank you for watching my Vlog! :) xoxoxo SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL➫ watch some of my other videos:-A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SINGLE MOM | Sick Toddler Routine vlog DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SINGLE MOM WITH A NANNYS HELP | vlog & BABY EASY FUN OUTDOOR WORKOUT- | MakeupbyJQ X Sarah Stage I BECAME A SINGLE MOM? ME ON INSTAGRAM➫ Instagram: my makeup page ME HERE TOO:➫ Snapchat:➫ Twitter:➫ Facebook: -AND GUYS MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW MY SON ASHTONS NEW PAGE TO SEE HIS PLAYTIME, ADVENTURES, AND TOY REVIEWS. Don't miss the fun!
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  • Hayley Alexis

    Hayley Alexis

     1 months ago +3392

    ...Youtube keeps recommending this.. SO HERE I AM

  • Senorajae


     2 months ago +2060

    My mum always tells me that “no matter how old you are never deal financially with a man you’re not married to”

  • Maria from Philadelphia

    Maria from Philadelphia

     2 months ago +617

    Girl, if it sounds to good to be true...RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!
    PS, you need new friends 😂😂😂

  • DysTnee


     1 months ago +1136

    🤦🏾‍♀️ all the red flags you ignored. Like damn the DAY you met him he bought you an iPhone like girl come on 😂😂 that’s not sweet it’s weird as hell

  • X


     2 months ago +5630

    I wish there was an app that allows you to leave a review and on someone after dating them.



     1 months ago +865


  • Cece


     1 months ago +850

    Shoulda took that iPhone and bounced lmao

  • Vee A

    Vee A

     1 months ago +457

    That’s why I am not impressed by men who flaunt their “money”

  • Bust Down Thotiana

    Bust Down Thotiana

     1 months ago +183

    Straight face: "he showed me the stitches in his butt"
    Savage: must have been from prison 😂😂😂

  • BriP


     2 months ago +2236

    Who has time to fake all this he might as well work an actual job 😩

  • t


     2 months ago +284

    Two things:
    1) call the fbi
    2) sell the rights to this story to a production company fast and get your coin cuz otherwise someone will steal it

  • Ms. Renee'

    Ms. Renee'

     1 months ago +962

    Why would he leave you everything when he has two daughters? 😒



     1 months ago +256

    Wow thank you for sharing this ! He needs to be exposed

  • Tiana Marie

    Tiana Marie

     1 months ago +630

    “If you have all this my bills” I feel that on a spiritual level

  • Betting On Becca

    Betting On Becca

     2 months ago +3788

    My mother told me when a man moves so fast and shit doesn’t make sense don’t ask questions just run lol

  • claudia munoz

    claudia munoz

     1 months ago +719

    I can't believe I spend 54:53 watching this, I was already done with him when she said he didn't have furniture but he owns bunisses smh what a mess

  • Sasha T.

    Sasha T.

     1 months ago +698

    Wealthy men do not need help, do not forget credit cards and if they do they make one phone call and get things moving. And also, a man with 30million in his bank does not help you get a Range Rover. He buys you a Range Rover.
    It did not make sence since the beginning, but sometimes love is blind and other times love makes us blind. Bless you girl hope your next one does things for you out of genuine love.

  • Khloe Koko

    Khloe Koko

     2 months ago +423

    😂 im married and dont even trust my husband this much! like how??..

  • connie4872


     1 months ago +701

    Stop listening to your friends and follow your gut.

  • Wendypretty1


     2 months ago +2914

    Proverbs 29:4-5 – Beware the man who comes bearing gifts and invoking flattering words. That iphone was step 1.