THE SILENCE (2019) Ending Explained

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 24, 2019
  • #thesilence #endingexplained

    In the new Netflix film, THE SILENCE a family is faced with a deadly invasion of ancient dangerous creatures that hunt by sound. Learn all about the creatures, the movie's grander messages, and explaining the meaning of the ending.

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  • Dead Rose

    Dead Rose

     2 days ago +1

    That weirdo priest guy. Lmao

  • SoS HavocV

    SoS HavocV

     2 days ago

    Kryll from gears all I gotta say

  • Isaiah Corona Ruiz

    Isaiah Corona Ruiz

     2 days ago

    These creatures would make great librarians 🤓

  • ZaphGaming


     3 days ago +1


  • ZaphGaming


     3 days ago +1

    Bird Box:

    Vesps: am I a joke to you?

  • xerotolerant


     4 days ago

    At 2:31 the titanic 2 has a frowny face lol

  • One Fat Kitten

    One Fat Kitten

     5 days ago

    Its really hard to let go of a pet/family dog, I've felt that scene and made me cry

  • Ivy Belle

    Ivy Belle

     7 days ago

    I just feel like it’s dumb for the priest to want to get her pregnant, because that baby would make noise, and the monsters haven’t even been around long enough to be ready to repopulate

  • Liam Nishime

    Liam Nishime

     7 days ago

    When all people had to do to kill literally all of them, was leave on heavy machinery like wood chippers, or maybe a furnace with some firecrackers in it?

  • MzNaeture π

    MzNaeture π

     7 days ago

    Mockbusters 😆 i love your witty commentary

  • Coronis K.

    Coronis K.

     7 days ago

    they let the dog die so they can live? ok so they're the bad guys you mean..

  • Gyarren


     7 days ago

    Well, one could view the girl's constant messing around with her tablet as a kind of feeble attempt at maintaining a sense of normalcy... Then again, one would want to keep oneself and one's family informed, in any natural disaster...

  • Monsta Koopa

    Monsta Koopa

     7 days ago

    Like a FOOL. Lol

  • Will Yorkin

    Will Yorkin

     7 days ago

    I honestly think the guy on the train who wanted to get rid of the baby was completely justified

  • Generic Protagonist

    Generic Protagonist

     7 days ago

    The blades on a wood chipper don't make much noice, they would have flown into the engine.

    You can still make vocalisation without your tongue, just not language.

  • Raven Marine

    Raven Marine

     14 days ago

    disregarding everything wrong with the vesp as a concept, still....... am i really to believe Americans of all people can't solve this issue with solely using firepower?

  • ineyda leiva

    ineyda leiva

     14 days ago +1

    I thought Glenn was the dad’s best friend?

  • Bayagra Von.D

    Bayagra Von.D

     14 days ago

    Shitty script writing, it's a bat how tf humanity is brought to it's knees it's just a bunch of stupid bats

  • stephanie ramos

    stephanie ramos

     14 days ago

    i thought this movie was good idk its just my opinion



     14 days ago

    The movie looks identical with “The cave “ , if you agree with me