Shroud Reacts To STOP DOING THIS! by PewDiePie

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 11, 2019
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  • raphaelo topase

    raphaelo topase

     53 minutes ago

    petition for Shroud to host meme review or LWIAY

  • Wittit ?

    Wittit ?

     3 hours ago

    Shroud should host lwiay

  • mursyid 67

    mursyid 67

     10 hours ago

    God damt it, what are you doing 🤣

  • Heidi Genedy

    Heidi Genedy

     20 hours ago

    4:38 shroud reacting to PewDiePie's video of shroud reacting to PewDiePie's video..
    I'm confused.

  • Niki


     20 hours ago

    so Im watching a channel uploadinga a shroud "reaction" to pewdipies reaction on RWJ's reaction to that other channel, that reacted to RWJ... ok.

  • Con_Fuzed


     21 hours ago

    hahahahaha 5:14

  • I'm not sure Why

    I'm not sure Why


    Me watching this video. The irony is wild.

  • Bijesh Stha

    Bijesh Stha


    We made it broys!

  • Hyper Azur

    Hyper Azur


    14:00 What in the world "reprecanshens" means, I actually never saw that

  • ReaperisLyfe s

    ReaperisLyfe s


    Now host meme review Michael

  • nyann cat

    nyann cat


    so this channel?

  • zzvvoonnee24



    I would rather call it cockyright strike

  • Aditya



    5:15 😂

  • Nomekop 777

    Nomekop 777


    It's weird to think that celebrities look up to other celebrities

  • koolerpure



    so watching a stolen video being reacted to that also had been stolen by this channel, this is next level

  • Sj Jesse

    Sj Jesse



  • Chen Holmes

    Chen Holmes


    He says barely anything.

  • Abdullah Ali

    Abdullah Ali


    Pewds:Hey shroud, hit the subscribe button goddammit.
    Shroud: *pauses the video, and subscribes. I'm sorry man, never going to do that again.

  • Spongebob Got Vietnam Flashback

    Spongebob Got Vietnam Flashback

     2 days ago +2

    I have never see him happy like this , everytime his just like 😑 ...yeah.... I'm happy because he's happy. ☺

  • Jayesh Ishaan

    Jayesh Ishaan

     2 days ago

    Oh boi i would I have stopped watching shroud if he would have claimed this video.