A Man Gave A Stray This Shelter For Her Pups But A Week Later Realized Their Home Had Been Invaded

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 3, 2019
  • Ever since Cunha had left the kennel out a week ago, it had sheltered a street dog family. But as he bent down to check on them, his anticipation turned to surprise. Something else was looking back at him from the doghouse – and it had brought company.

    Shelter is important to the health and well-being of many species, including humans. Without it, you’re exposed to the elements – the wind, extreme heat or cold, rain and snow. And it’s even more important when you’re trying to provide for a family.

    Since babies are new to the world, their immune systems are weak. This means that they’re vulnerable to pretty much everything. As a result, shelter is a necessity, but it’s not always easy to find – especially for the homeless.

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  • joe Domjan

    joe Domjan

     21 days ago

    I just built my feral cat his own apartment with a bay window, carpeting and a heated bed. Yes he loves me.

  • Rosy Bonilla

    Rosy Bonilla

     2 months ago

    Only if humans could be as kind to each other. For we Are ALL GOD CHILDREN.

  • Salma Kadiri

    Salma Kadiri

     3 months ago

    Goverments with their smart high paid "experts" incapable of handeling people or animals.The results of their mediocrity: too much homeless people and stray animals,too much suffering when some jerks own islands and private jets...

  • Kathy Mathers

    Kathy Mathers

     3 months ago

    I think they knew each other before the babies. Like they may have came from the same owners. That dumped them !!

  • Barbara Barbre

    Barbara Barbre

     3 months ago

    Incredible and beautiful.

  • Edward Hoffman

    Edward Hoffman

     5 months ago +1

    This proves once again just how amazing animals, especially dogs and cats, are when it comes to understanding and displaying love.
    But no matter what some disgusting human animals will continue to torture and kill these beautiful God given beings.
    It's stunning just how much people could learn about love from these little furbabies. I love them so very much.

  • Roksanda Kosmajac

    Roksanda Kosmajac

     6 months ago

    Should have had the babies spayed + neutered, and taken care of them.

  • jim walker

    jim walker

     6 months ago

    don't this just warm your heart?.......it just goes to show that love isn't a trait that's exclusive to humans.

  • Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley

     6 months ago

    too bad people are not as good or smart as animals

  • Mary Durham

    Mary Durham

     6 months ago +1

    Awwwe!!!💝... What a Precious Story!!!💜... I Pray someone will call a Rescue Group to Rescue both Families and Help get the Mom's fixed and find them All Loving Furever Homes!!!💖🤗😃😉...

    And God Bless the Kind Man who gave them a Cozy Shelter!!!💖😍🤗😃😉

  • Valerie C.

    Valerie C.

     7 months ago


  • Brianna Kowalewski

    Brianna Kowalewski

     8 months ago

    That is a really heartwarming video story

  • Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley

     8 months ago

    more common than you know

  • shadydave


     8 months ago

    If only people could be so smart

  • Ray Charron

    Ray Charron

     8 months ago

    Humans need to take heed. Dogs and cats getting along. Too too cute.

  • Patricia Kelly

    Patricia Kelly

     8 months ago

    They set an example of how they can open up their hearts although they are differs from each other.bits all about love and kindness .x

  • Nazera Haniff

    Nazera Haniff

     8 months ago

    Blessed human.

  • Gary Bangle Bangle

    Gary Bangle Bangle

     9 months ago

    Animals show love BETTER than humans. Humans are self centered and are not always nice.

  • Ji Montgomery

    Ji Montgomery

     9 months ago

    Praying these animals finds a forever homes soon

  • Gayle-Heather Condo

    Gayle-Heather Condo

     9 months ago

    That's truly amazing