Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 1, 2018
  • why sleep when you can convince yourself you should worry about everything?

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    Music: Assembly line frustration by ionics

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D get a good night's rest tonight. that's an order.
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  • Zora Russo

    Zora Russo

     5 hours ago

    It makes better about myself to know that other people r like me that have anxiety

  • chicken mcslave

    chicken mcslave

     7 hours ago +1

    i tell my dad that like “I feel like everyone is looking at me and deeply judging me” he says “ur not that special” like frick u

  • xXPenguinPlayzXx yeetus

    xXPenguinPlayzXx yeetus

     8 hours ago

    I am a dead clam

  • SyaDiRaNa Vlogz

    SyaDiRaNa Vlogz

     9 hours ago

    Turtles that eat plastic bags aren't they're fault Its actually People that throw trash or just plastic Bags. Please save the community So The turtles Don't die and Become extinct like Dinosaurs.

  • IDK What's life

    IDK What's life

     11 hours ago +1

    Kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • •IAubz•


     11 hours ago +2

    I feel bad for my Mail dude, he’s been giving me a lot these days. Literally a few years ago I got Depression, Anxiety, and OCD from Fred down the street.

  • A random wolf with pride

    A random wolf with pride

     12 hours ago +1

    I actually have social anxiety.

    I love it!!!!

    It's so awful!

  • Enrdo


     12 hours ago

    Hi, i'm from Brazil. YouTube recommended yours videos for me in a lonely dawn and o don't feel that anymore. I have serious comunications problems and see that other people in other place of the word have the same problem as me, make me feel better.

    Thanks, Jaiden

  • Ziriam Apostle

    Ziriam Apostle

     13 hours ago

    Heh im not good at making people feel better cause no one my age wants to help me i tell my cousin they go silent they ignore what i say and i dont want to tell my parents how i feel cause there struggling they arent together but best friends, well basically i used to do this thing where i would bottle up my emotions and pretend there not there but it never worked the jar just got filled and filled and my excuse for my self was people are strugling more than you stop whining z but ive learned that everyones problems are i forgot howit goes, and i can relate my days are flying by ive been separated from my friends im quiet when im not around them so ill just feel like crap but it feels more like the days are numb im barley happy and its affecting my performance at school my grades arent that bad well for that big F in advanced math and since i have an F even tho i got B and A in every other class i get punished and not ima take your stuff its a physical punishment, the people i hang out with after school aint my crowd i play with them cause who else do i got but there just toxic and cant take a joke there toxic and to sensitive and try to lecture me that i would get punched if i made that joke in certain place and i said the only thing your trying to teach me i that in this area these people got no humor and like im not happy with them i just playing basketball cause what else play video games i spend most of my time after school at my cousin house so i cant play my game they literally diprive me of any drink, i could ralk more but this starting to remind me how sad everything is

  • Superdaveminecraft 2008

    Superdaveminecraft 2008

     15 hours ago

    Hey I got odd, add, adhd, and ocd so yeah your not alone I’m actually extroverted and I have social anxiety problems if you ever need help talk to a therapist it’s not a bad thing.

  • TayTayJoy 6

    TayTayJoy 6

     15 hours ago

    This is so relieving! Sometimes I know that I’m not alone, but still hard to tell myself that. Just being able to relate to the stories really help!

  • jason n/a

    jason n/a

     16 hours ago

    Social anxiety but thinking it's narcissism

  • ZeNo_z0rby


     17 hours ago

    Nobody hates otherwise you wouldn't have 7,1 mil subs

  • Karen Ward

    Karen Ward

     18 hours ago

    I always relate to this video ;-; I just istale myself alot

  • Roxy -Chan

    Roxy -Chan

     20 hours ago

    If that's the meaning of social anxiety, then that's what I got.

  • J1mB0BwE


     23 hours ago

    6:35 that’s my strategy

  • Shanel Beyne

    Shanel Beyne

     yesterday +1


    My Anxiety: wiejkenejlwwojevelwnwbe

  • Eves Gaming

    Eves Gaming


    I relate with Jaiden

    Edit:I have social anxiety and deppresion

  • JJ_ Otter

    JJ_ Otter


    I feel even more sad watching this video tbh..I was open to people and no one cared about me....god lucky people are so happy

  • Teh Pisces

    Teh Pisces


    Alert Alert
    The Comments are full of emo 7 year olds ALERT ALERT this is bad