The ANGRIEST Owner Of All Time? | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 5, 2018
  • She fires customers!If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: Gordon Ramsay:Website: http://www.gordonramsay.comFacebook:
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  • madman191

     21 days ago

    Customer: this food is a little blandLady: you're firedCustomer: ?????

  • Itz_me_cs101

     4 hours ago


  • aleksin kanava

     16 hours ago


  • Noahinglis111

     13 days ago

    When the "let me talk to your manager" becomes the manager

  • Liam Vandenburg


    How the turntables.....

  • Space Invader

     10 days ago

    It wasn’t a party in my mouth, it was like a funeral in my mouth-Gordon Ramsay 2011

  • Cunt

     2 hours ago

    @Edi Wow nope. Kitchen Nightmares was canned in like 2014

  • Liquid Chungus

     11 hours ago

    500th like

  • Mrs. Roger meddows Taylor

     12 days ago

    “YoU stUcK uP pRecIOuS liTTlE bItCh”-wow I’m lost for words I-edit: thankss for 800 likes

  • Emilia Clarke’s Future Husband

     2 hours ago

    I died😂😂

  • Ghost_590

     10 hours ago

    I was 1,000.

  • Sophia Sister

     2 days ago

    **owner casually says she would like to choke gordon ramsay**

  • Netherealm

     6 hours ago

    I like your Shane profile pic

  • aditya srinidhi

     20 days ago

    Customer : abby no please I need this job

  • Drtha

     11 hours ago


  • NLT4Ever #1

     2 days ago

    She has to pay ppl to eat there. Oof😂

  • Shay'da Bane


    "I don't even talk to my staff like this"You literally just did like 5 minutes ago.

  • Charlote Agari

     10 days ago

    8:48 you know Gordon is mad when, He’s talking to the cameraman

  • Vibz legend

     11 days ago

    Gordan: "This wasn't a party in my mouth it was more of a funeral"Service: "Yeah, it does look like something's died"

  • Handsome Jack

     14 days ago

    Customer: This food is crap.Owner: You're fired.Customer: *Surprised blinking man Gif*

  • James Baker

     2 days ago

    Handsome Jack oh shit your the one that faced handsome jack and lived

  • ThisIsSoSad

     3 days ago

    @ThatMemeyGhostBoi We don't do that here.