How I Got Away With Ditching Class

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 26, 2018
  • So I ditched class and got away with my story CHUN CHUN noise from that one show

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  • SomeThingElseYT


     a years ago +21993

    Fun fact, I finished this video (after losing a chunk of the finished animation cuz my computer is garbage) on a 13 hours flight to Australia where I'll be attending Vidcon!

  • Jebruh


     an hour ago

    Omfg Mr blah blah blah is just like my Indonesian teacher. THEY FREAKING DO NOTHING THEN TELL U OFF FOR NOT KNOWING ANYTHING.

    I feel your pain.

  • O K A Y

    O K A Y

     an hour ago

    fuck school

  • Bts rap monster God of destruction

    Bts rap monster God of destruction

     5 hours ago

    Bring goldfish to school, crunch it and spit it out and it looks like throw up. Hi adam

  • Floofdoggos1027 Oofer

    Floofdoggos1027 Oofer

     6 hours ago

    Hold up let me like that smash button

  • Paige Hinton

    Paige Hinton

     7 hours ago

    I love math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Death Row Series

    Death Row Series

     8 hours ago

    At my school we’d leave the classroom to use the bathroom and we’d meet up with any of our friends we’d find in the hallways and just talk. But the teachers found out and two don’t care but two do and now we have bathroom passes(Your given 5) for math class and the teacher said “If you run out of passes your gonna have to wait until the next trimester for more.” And that’s five passes to last us at least three months for one math class. As for the other class we just have to actually sign out and you have to be like her fav student and rarely use the bathroom and she’ll let you leave 😁

  • Lacking Anger

    Lacking Anger

     9 hours ago

    As soon as the video started laughing cause all the memories came back and punched me in the face

  • XxGamerWolfxX ;-;

    XxGamerWolfxX ;-;

     10 hours ago


  • Wolf-leader300


     10 hours ago

    My teacher never let me use the bathroom to j peed at the corner on the class room a give my teacher a deadly stair.

  • Boiling Donuts

    Boiling Donuts

     11 hours ago

    I literally like went to the bathroom and skip either science or social studies no one questioned me because everyone knew I have troubles using in the bathroom so ha

  • Adrian Garci

    Adrian Garci

     14 hours ago

    I'am going to escape

  • P.K Is weird

    P.K Is weird

     14 hours ago

    Did you really break a toilet

  • Toasty The cornball

    Toasty The cornball

     16 hours ago

    No offence tho

  • Toasty The cornball

    Toasty The cornball

     16 hours ago

    The teachers voice tho

  • Casey Lancaster

    Casey Lancaster

     17 hours ago

    b for bathroom destroyer

  • XxxIam Ex0ticxxX

    XxxIam Ex0ticxxX

     19 hours ago

    Does this answer your question?


  • Jayden Valle

    Jayden Valle

     yesterday +1

    Adam hates math ok what’s 300 +727-1027

  • imani messiah

    imani messiah


    I pomise

  • Twinkle Bean

    Twinkle Bean