Billie Eilish - hostage

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 8, 2018
  • Listen to “hostage" from "dont smile at me": to "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?": Billie Eilish:Facebook: VIDEO COLLABORATION BETWEEN BILLIE EILISH, STROMAE & LUC JUNIOR TAM AND HENRY SCHOLFIELDDirector: Henry Scholfield Executive Producers: Kim Dellara / Katie Dolan Producers: Campbell Beaton / Katie Dolan / Kim DellaraDP: Pau CastejonProduction Designer: Fernanda GuerreroChoreographer: Matty PeacockMusic video by Billie Eilish performing hostage. © 2018 Darkroom/Interscope Records
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  • Edu Maluka

     9 months ago

    Billie makes you miss the bf/gf you never had...

  • Mariah Marquez

     an hour ago

    Edu Maluka for real 😳

  • Trinity Arrington

     6 days ago


  • Wherearethetakis X

     19 days ago

    2:28 when you get too close to the ceiling fan

  • Luce

     an hour ago

    I was sad and this cracked me up thnx😂❤

  • Wherearethetakis X

     an hour ago

    K&A TV ha nice one 😂 🧡

  • Adam Gruwell

     22 days ago

    The choreography in this video is absolutely stunning.

  • pretend there's a name

     10 hours ago

    I wouldn't even consider a choreography until read this comment.

  • Lady, Lady

     19 hours ago

    It made me cry tbh. Relatable

  • Meara Cat

     4 days ago

    “Golds fake and real love hurts...But nothing hurts when I’m alone”“When you’re with me and we’re alone...”Edgy, but we still love her

  • Meara Cat

     2 days ago

    werewolfgirl _001_ dude she’s 17


     2 days ago

    @werewolfgirl _001_ is this a joke?

  • Courtney

     4 days ago

    The dancer’s name is Devyck Bull and he kills it

  • Kindness Rblx

     11 hours ago

    Thankk youuu ive been looking for this in forever

  • Znia Davis


    thank you soo much .. was needed

  • Chim Chim

     2 months ago

    Billie's Brother: Supports her, Helps her write songs. etcMy Brother: screams cause i took a sip of his juice

  • Stephanie_Draws2

     an hour ago


  • Blue Boop Creations

     2 hours ago

    Juju bee i have 6 older sibs lol

  • Mickeyla McConnel

     2 days ago

    Fun fact:•Billlie’s songs make depressed people a bit happy•And makes happy people feel a bit depressed

  • Abstract Fate

     58 minutes ago

    Why do I feel both right now. Shit fire

  • jeriel Dacalanio

     16 hours ago

    Im a happy person but i feel depressed when I listen to her music

  • Izabella Boyer

     7 days ago

    Producer: How much white? Billie: Yes.Producer: Good choice.

  • Fast doggo

     2 days ago

    Momo Yea haha 😂

  • Momo Yea

     3 days ago

    The only colored thing was that guy

  • Colombia Jr10

     21 days ago

    Devil : I wanna steal your soulMe: nooooooooooBillie: I wanna steal your soulMe: OMG YASSSSSS TAKE IT

  • GalPal

     11 days ago


  • grace werner

     14 days ago

    who else thinks this song is so underrated-but it is a masterpiece

  • /Amxri \

     7 hours ago

    KILLME ikr😭 it literally has 40 million views


     3 days ago

    1 millon likes says somthing different then undereated-