The Good Cop | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
  • From the creator of Monk comes The Good Cop, a new Netflix Original series starring Tony Danza and Josh Groban.

    All episodes available September 21st.

    Watch The Good Cop on Netflix:

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    The Good Cop | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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  • 81awesomeness


     13 days ago

    Was watching season 5 of the show ”episodes” on Netflix and they were working on an idea for a show and came up with a show about a conman father and a detective or cop son who goes after guys like his father. I quickly thought of this show. Was the idea for this show stolen or just coincidence. Any one else notice this?

  • Big DramaShow

    Big DramaShow

     13 days ago

    I thought this was going to be lame but it was great! Hella gave me Monk vibes which was also a favorite of mine.

  • av5283471r


     21 days ago

    Just finished watching season 1 and I love this show. Is there a season 2 coming soon?

  • Adam Brass

    Adam Brass

     22 days ago

    Good to see Danza playing a working class Italian stereotype for a change.

  • Gerol Könninge

    Gerol Könninge

     22 days ago

    Please we need a season 2! This show has so much potential i really hope they will make more seasons. Watched the whole season in a day because its so awesome

  • Kandace Carter

    Kandace Carter

     25 days ago

    Love it please give me a season 2

  • katelyn ast

    katelyn ast

     25 days ago

    wow this was a genuinely funny commercial, looking forward to it :)

  • parker parker

    parker parker

     26 days ago


  • parker parker

    parker parker

     26 days ago

    Season 2 pleaaaase!!!!!!!!

  • Maria del Rosario Lopez Cruz

    Maria del Rosario Lopez Cruz

     29 days ago

    His the same creador of monk!!!

  • Audrey tenWesteneind

    Audrey tenWesteneind

     29 days ago

    love this show! fun and light. netflix....we need more stuff like this! there is so much dark stuff with the most gruesome violence. I am on the verge of cancelling. (no, i am not a religious freak). imagine the positive influence you can have on humanity.

  • Miss O.P.

    Miss O.P.

     29 days ago

    The funny thing about the Good Cop is that they actually go out of their way in police testing to make sure someone with his intelligence level never becomes a cop.

  • Jill Thorp

    Jill Thorp

     1 months ago

    This show is so much fun. It is a refreshing change from all the shootem'ups on tv (not that I don't love a good shootem'up). Tony and Josh play beautifully off each other. Tony Danza is in his prime - you can't take your eyes off him when he is on the screen.

  • Taisiz Munoz

    Taisiz Munoz

     1 months ago

    Season 2 need to come already 😭

  • RedDawg


     1 months ago

    He really seems to not be able to play a character unless they name him "Tony".

  • windseafrogs


     1 months ago

    I miss The Good Cop! If they want to go another round, I'm up for it and I betcha many others are too. If not then it's a one season gem and a very very good one. Lots of fun!

  • Pablo PM

    Pablo PM

     1 months ago

    This serie is so foreseeable with cases that you know how is going to finish and the characters being police are quite stupid, every episode they behave like blind for some stupid reason until the end when they realised that they were wrong.... simple writing easy watching it doesn't really works the time

  • Uce Lee

    Uce Lee

     1 months ago

    How many times can a detectives father show up at a crime scene and in the middle of questioning suspects? I really wanted to like this show but it’s not giving me any reason to keep watching after episode 5.

  • Hacker 999 Hacker 999

    Hacker 999 Hacker 999

     1 months ago

    The son looks like the guy if we happy few 😂

  • Mazie Park

    Mazie Park

     1 months ago

    Me and my boo binge this