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  • Published on:  Friday, January 11, 2019
  • Matt and I answer the most daunting questions
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  • Mark Young

    Mark Young

     1 months ago

    Zane is attracted to the Instagram models that David rejects. Lol

  • Megan Cowell

    Megan Cowell

     1 months ago

    love that jimmy Kimmel is in their live audience

  • Ariyah MacAulay

    Ariyah MacAulay

     1 months ago

    Not a single soul:
    Matt: 60s french pop

  • Samantha Sharp

    Samantha Sharp

     1 months ago

    I wear Arab sandals and live in Kentucky and someone called them Jerusalem Cruisers one time and i fell out of my skin laughing lol had to tell you zane

  • Cait Lynn

    Cait Lynn

     2 months ago

    I got stasie's ass too boyyy

  • Cait Lynn

    Cait Lynn

     2 months ago

    I would date Zane in a heartbeat <333

  • Louise THFC97

    Louise THFC97

     2 months ago

    How is Matt saying hed be Todd as he wonders what it's like to be that good looking 😭 honestly believe Matt is the most attractive one, zane is good looking too both down play their selves for sure!

  • Rebecca Lynne

    Rebecca Lynne

     3 months ago +3

    Idk what Matt is talking about. He’s already more attractive than Toddy IMO
    Heyyy boo!

  • M.Loqmane Rachi

    M.Loqmane Rachi

     4 months ago +1

    At 1:19 u can see zanes di*k

  • Marisa Orlando

    Marisa Orlando

     4 months ago

    matt is so smart and zane your so funny you guys are amazing friends i wish i had that with someone

  • Sandy Sanchez

    Sandy Sanchez

     4 months ago

    7 months later... House progress??

  • Jackson David

    Jackson David

     5 months ago +2

    noticed you said you “don’t really have a financial advisor” I work in one of the most successful firms in the country doing wholistic financial planning. Message me🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Gaurav Saha

    Gaurav Saha

     5 months ago

    how can you drink you are f***ing Muslim. Isn't it harem

  • leilah


     5 months ago +4

    question : is being called the matt king of the friend group a good or bad thing ?

    matt : it’s a compliment

    also matt : i’ve been listening to 60’s french pop

  • Maggie Keenan

    Maggie Keenan

     5 months ago

    I am the Matt King of my friend group lmao

  • Deondre' Worley

    Deondre' Worley

     5 months ago

    Did anyone else see Jimmy Kimmel in the “live audience”?

  • AM Trevino

    AM Trevino

     5 months ago


  • Haley Currier

    Haley Currier

     5 months ago

    if yall actually go to japan, theres a place that safiya nygaard did a video on. It's a weird japanese spa where you just steam in green tea and wine lol I'd LOVE to see that shit

  • Lexis Carranza

    Lexis Carranza

     5 months ago

    Do a house tour video!!

  • Mackenzie Byrne

    Mackenzie Byrne

     6 months ago

    I'll be your girlfriend don't worry