20 Wilderness Survival Tips!

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 13, 2017
  • Here's a few handy wilderness survival tricks that might just save you in an emergency! Fire making, water purification, navigation and much more!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/stIjgEaES60


  • Captain Holocaust

    Captain Holocaust

     3 hours ago

    0:23 Murica

  • FaCTS 15

    FaCTS 15

     3 hours ago

    Boiling water in plastic bottles is extremely not good for health.

  • Casey Callender

    Casey Callender

     4 hours ago

    Take cellphone apart to use mirror to try to signal planes. You don't need a cellphone in a survival situation anyways..

  • Jon Barnes

    Jon Barnes

     11 hours ago

    Thank you for the Post

  • Dio Brando

    Dio Brando


    5:01 stick stew really is a feast isn't it.

  • Dio Brando

    Dio Brando


    If you're not sure if the berry you're about to eat is safe or not.
    Leave it in the forest for an hour or so and if it didn't get eaten, it's poisonous, if it's gone, you can hoard the while plant if you want to.

  • Billy Corners

    Billy Corners


    There is something really wrong that humans cant eat any food without washing their hands first.

  • ShiftedMJ


     yesterday +1

    All you need is a diamond pickaxe.

  • 1337 Cubing

    1337 Cubing

     2 days ago

    Now take your boiling cup. I was like nani

  • Yeah Last name

    Yeah Last name

     2 days ago +1

    How safe is it to boil water in a stainless steel pan or canteen

  • Укулеле


     3 days ago

    В Украине эти советы как никогда полезны.

  • Anon


     4 days ago

    Respect. Personally, I think it is probably better to just die early in the apocalypse than to eek out the inevitably horrific existence for a few years longer as a ‘survivor’. Each to his own and I hope you find some enjoyment in living a while longer than the rest of us, because that is all it will be, regardless of your bush skills.

  • Thomas Phillips

    Thomas Phillips

     4 days ago

    Anyone that says to use a pop top as a fishing hook has no idea wtf they’re talking about.

  • Minimalist Outdoors

    Minimalist Outdoors

     5 days ago

    Boiling water in a plastic bottle is possibly one of the dumbest things I have seen, hello no point to surviving after drinking it.

  • Michal Vojáček

    Michal Vojáček

     5 days ago

    If you want to drink the water, DO NOT BOIL WATER IN A PLASTIC BOTTLE. NEVER, EVER, EVER! Unless you want to have a bad time...

  • Daddy Treesus

    Daddy Treesus

     5 days ago

    4:53 those r more like tweezers

  • K nox

    K nox

     6 days ago

    What kind of gloves is he using in this video? or what kind of gloves would he/you recommend?

  • Majd Alusta

    Majd Alusta

     7 days ago

    Enjoy sipping hot cancer tea 😋

  • Smaia Marian

    Smaia Marian

     7 days ago

    Number 1 : Take fms with you
    Number 2 : sparge 2 metine
    Number 3 : uitate ca chioru 3 ore dupa drop
    Bravo ai supravietuit

  • Itz_Sadderdxys._.


     7 days ago

    vsco girls: sksksksksksksk ana I pop