Nvidia Debunks Conspiracy Theories About Moon Landing

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 23, 2014
  • Talk about voxels and cones too dry to pique your interest in real-time lighting tech? Then have a peek at this re-creation of the lunar landing from last week's GAME24 livestream, which convincingly proves that man actually did set foot on the moon.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/syVP6zDZN7I


  • WARDified Gg

    WARDified Gg

     a years ago +7613

    Use playback speed of 1.5X
    You're welcome.

  • Pierre Marais

    Pierre Marais

     14 days ago +24

    Let's prove we landed on the moon by using simulated computer graphics.. seems legit

  • God Brisco

    God Brisco

     21 days ago +43

    this man pauses for like 5 mins after ever 2 words

  • doctorbrodeur


     1 months ago +246

    This guy sounds like a crap defence attorney who thinks his client is guilty.

  • Nelson Bento

    Nelson Bento

     1 months ago +146

    Remember folks the camera crew always gets there first before the astronauts

  • JurassicGecko


     2 months ago +449

    So this is what you're doing instead of updating my drivers?

  • RussianBot1917


     28 days ago +280

    I hear Stanley Kubrick was such a perfectionist, that he faked the moon landing on location.

  • Black Sabbath

    Black Sabbath

     28 days ago +124

    The news in 2154
    NASA - "We're finally going to go back to the moon in 2160."

  • Caveman X

    Caveman X

     21 days ago +71

    Skip to 14:43.
    You’re Welcome.

  • Matthew Wooldridge

    Matthew Wooldridge

     1 months ago +262

    I believe the moon landing less now , well done mate

  • Zack


     4 years ago +1132

    Its better that he pauses instead of going "ummm" "uhhh"

  • Nick Hahn

    Nick Hahn

     21 days ago +69

    I sincerely did NOT believe it was a photograph. The suit looks very cheesy and untextured

  • Rick Davis

    Rick Davis

     28 days ago +57


  • Jim Gill

    Jim Gill

     21 days ago +68

    You’d have thought that, when trying to convince us of something, he’d have got the most famous quote ever, correct 🤤

  • Aron Mohr

    Aron Mohr

     4 hours ago +1

    One of the most iconic quotes in human history and he can't get that right?

  • Reino 30

    Reino 30

     a years ago +2554

    *When you prepared 1 minute speech, but u gotta take 15minutes-
    Talk like this bruddah*

  • WillyTheComposer


     28 days ago +30

    Y'all aren't impressed with 2014 graphics and yet you think the whole world was fooled by 1969 graphics...

  • Moses Mila Mayat

    Moses Mila Mayat

     28 days ago +159

    Stop your explanation and simply go back to the moon. Actions speak louder than words. Then we will all see

  • DamLit Productions

    DamLit Productions

     1 months ago +28

    WATCH IT AT 0.25x SPEED, by the time it ends, "Daily UBER space travel for ALL"

  • tothepoint


     14 days ago +9

    At 5:40 to 5:55 he was expecting a big applause from the audience, and Its silent. 😂