Psychic medium John Edward performs a shocking audience reading

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 8, 2017
  • Psychic medium, John Edward talks about what it's like to be a psychic medium and gives our audience an emotional reading.Subscribe to Cityline on YouTube - about upcoming shows, contests, and advice for your home, health, style and more. Subscribe to the Cityline Newsletter. -
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  • TheErciyaslar

     3 months ago

    Anybody came here from south park?

  • Rose NoHo

     15 days ago

    @Blythe Angel Psychic Medium This guy has made $3 scamming people, making money off of their grief. What feelings should I have towards him?

  • Blythe Angel Psychic Medium

     17 days ago

    Wow - I’m not knocking anyone - each to their own etc....but wow, just much hate isn’t healthy for mind body or soul. Again...I respect your opinions as each to their own...what I don’t understand is why watch if you’re so sceptical and only here to slate the subject?

  • Rachel Hudson

     3 hours ago

    Well he could be talking about any number off people

  • Andrew Martin

     2 days ago

    If these people are really psychic, why do they have to ask questions all the time?

  • sandgrownun66

     an hour ago

    @karen boromeo "learning to perfect their craft just like anyone else." What craft? Being fraudsters?

  • karen boromeo

     15 hours ago

    Because they're not God. And they are stull learning to perfect their craft just like anyone else. Eg. A plumber.

  • Boof

     1 years ago

    I think the most shocking part of this whole video is that John Edward called Kim Kardashian authentic.

  • R J

     18 days ago

    David Letterman just said the same thing.

  • Jim Asimenios

     1 months ago

    Wow! He is so good. He can BS his way out of anything!! What talent.

  • sandgrownun66

     56 minutes ago

    @Angela Murray Wow, you're easily fooled! I've got for sale, a big steel tower in the centre of Paris, with great views. It's going real cheap. Want to buy it?

  • Angela Murray

     2 days ago

    Jim Asimenios ive seen him in real life, I also saw the reactions of the woman who was told she was having a baby, her mum didn’t even know, There was no acting there, if you don’t believe fine just don’t belittle it doesn’t become you.

  • aspienwoman

     1 years ago

    hey I'm dead and can finally talk to my loved one on earth… lets talk about a car

  • DJ

     11 days ago

    He always starts off “Did anybody” Of course somebody will answer yes

  • kevin adamson

     2 years ago

    I was sceptical about psychics until a couple of years ago a man approached me in a pub full of people on new years eve and what he told me blew me away. My mother came through as well as my granddad and an uncle, he predicted I would have a mishap with a chain saw in the new year and also that I was suffering with depression and tinnitus.  He also told me how my uncle passed over ( sitting up in a chair waiting for his tea, one eye open one eye shut and aneurism)  Everything he said was spot on.  When...

  • daft banna

     3 months ago

    @7Be biggest douche in the universe you could say

  • Steve Reeves

     7 months ago

    So he had to much to drink then,what spirits was he drinking?Sorry, I had to write that..Im sure you can take a joke.I do belive in a after life because it can not just be this,a crazy world we live in run by power seeking maniac,s.As soon as Jesus returns the better.ontill then enjoy life and stay away from chainsaws.

  • Paige

     5 months ago

    Is there someone here who died? They loved that you were at their service and they loved the flowers.They are at peace. Do you have their jewelry? They love that you think of them. Anyone with a J name?John, Joe, jimmy? Yes, got it.

  • Arcangel

     1 months ago

    Hahhhalol lol you made my day!!

  • Lisa pope

     2 months ago

    It's more questions than anything

  • tewsplace

     9 months ago

    I saw him twice. The second time he did get everything about my husband who had passed.