Ridley Scott Tells the REAL REASON Why Engineers Want to Kill Humans and Destroy Earth

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 2, 2017
  • Why Engineers wanted to Drop Black Goo on Earth? Why Engineers hate humanity?

    When I saw Prometheus I was quite surprised that one of the Engineers, creators of life on Earth was so agressive to the human crew and proceded to launch a ship that would destroy humanity. Many people probably expected species of this advanced civilization to act more peacefully but this it not what happens. In this video I’m gonna talk about why engineers hate humans and want to kill them and it’s not because they got jealous of human hair. Although the movie does not explicitly answer theis question Ridely Scott actually explains the Engineer motives in a podcast with the Empire Magazine.

    Podacast - http://www.empireonline.com/people/ri...

    Before we get to the Scott’s explanation, I will briefly mention some other good theories that also sound plausible and can be even more logical than the director’s answers.

    One theory suggests that there are two fractions of Engineers - creators who seeded Life on Earth and destroyes who think that any other live form other than Engineers is unethical and shouldn’t exist. That would explain why the ship used by creators at the begining of Prometheus is different from Juggernauts used by destroyers. It would also explain the difference in suits since creators don’t have these bio suit that seemingly merge the body. So just like humans they probably have different nations and group with distinct goals.

    Another theory is that Engineers seed planets with life to experiment and develop weapons. Once a civilization achieves a certain level of technlogal advancement they would drop their bio weapon the black goo in this case to test how effective it is.
    We know that Engineers not only seed Earth with life but also the people on Planet 4 were their creations as well. So Engineer could experiment with humanoid life forms to see which ones would develop faster.

    A different theory suggests that the Engineer started to kill people as soon as he touched David. Maybe the Engineer realized that David is not a biological creation and considered this quote on quate life form disgusting, so he killed David first and proceded to the human crew. Or maybe Engineers thought they are the only ones who are entitled to create just like humans programmed later versions of androids such as Walter forbidding them to be creators.

    These were a pretty good theories but now let’s talk about the Ridley Scott explanation which I think is really good and ties with the dialog scene when the Engineer wakes up.
    When Weyland tries to talk to the Engineer and Shaw interputs him, he order his man hit her and shoot her if she tries to speak again. Although it is presented as the Engineer does not understand English, I think he realized that humans are violent and dangerous species so that for some reason Weyland is allowed to talk to him but not Elizabeth.
    As Ridley said he sees Engineers as gardeners of space that would occasionaly visit an empty bowl and out of their god like generousity create life but they periodicaly visit planets they’ve seeded if they discover that their offspings have lost their way and proved to be a disapointment, they would wipe the planet clean. Pretty much like God who caused the great flood because the Earth was filled with violence, corruption and inequality. This is very similar to what was happening on Earth around 0 b c when the Engineers originaly planned to deastoy humans.

    As we know from prometheus, the Engineer ship was about 2000 years old, so after observing that humanity have not developed the way the wanted , Ridley states that Engineers decided to send their missionary Jesus Christ as the last attempt to guide humans onto the right path. But we ended up crisufing him, so the Engineers made a finaly decision that life on Earth was a mistake and prepared to launch their ship.

    That is also confirmed by what David does to people on the planet 4.He learned of the Engineer and then dropped the black goo booms to destroy a humanoid race.

    The Engineer in prometheus wakes up and sees that people that they wanted to destroy 2000 years ago arrived to the distant planet. He realizes that humans are still violent and corrupt spiecies who are also capable of interstellar travel which makes them even more dangerous to other Engineer creations. It is no surprise that the Engineer kills the human crew and proceeds to destroy Earth.

    According to Ridley, the Engineer plant to destroy humanity is still relevant today based on what is happening in the world right not including the pollution of environment, poverty and inequality in poor countries.

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