Trying Cheap vs Expensive Halloween Costumes!

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 25, 2019
  • I tried fashion nova halloween costumes and plus size dolls kill halloween costumes for 2019, and even though those were weird costumes at least they were cheap! Today I'm trying on cheap vs expensive halloween costumes. If you need a last minute halloween costume or a cute plus size halloween costume, hopefully this helps you decide if it's better to go cheap vs. expensive!

    I Tried Dolls Kill Halloween Costumes So You Don't Have to
    I Tried Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes

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    Trying Cheap vs Expensive Halloween Costumes!

    Sierra Schultzzie
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  • Sierra Schultzzie

    Sierra Schultzzie

     a months ago +1633

    Seriously can’t thank you guys enough, we’re nominated for a Streamy Award! How crazy!! I hope you like the video 💕

  • Ana Corona

    Ana Corona

     20 hours ago

    That "extra thing" on the Harley Quinn costume is what holds the holster it goes around your arms from the back

  • Maryssa Clark

    Maryssa Clark


    I'm a ravenclaw!!

  • Hope Dalton

    Hope Dalton

     2 days ago

    Glenda meets Tangled?

  • Hannah Stahl

    Hannah Stahl

     3 days ago

    The wig needs to be reworked on that cheap Harley Quinn outfit

  • Donna Clayton

    Donna Clayton

     3 days ago

    The strap thing from the Harley outfit looks like a BDSM harness that goes with the belt.

  • Tim Lumsden

    Tim Lumsden

     3 days ago

    The Harley Quinn piece you didnt know what it was should be the shoulder holster attachment. Its when the jacket comes off, the gun holster can affix to it instead of being at the waist.

  • Victoria Mendez

    Victoria Mendez

     3 days ago

    Costume kit includes: robe, deluxe heather knit sweater, deluxe tie and detachable white dickie

    Harry Potter outfit doesn't come with a skirt. they just show it so their model doesn't have no pants like you.

  • Nightevasion Films

    Nightevasion Films

     4 days ago

    All these costumes are pretty good.

  • Abby_Ave


     4 days ago

    I want to ser the Harley Quinn cheap on Carrie. Not you, just the fit

    Actually all the out fits..... collab for next year maybe?

    I'm a 12, mixed body from you & Carrie. Very interested it seeing.

  • V H

    V H

     5 days ago

    The Hot Topic harry potter costume set only came with "robe, deluxe heather knit sweater, deluxe tie and detachable white dickie." The only thing she didn't get was the white dickie.
    It's always important to check what comes in the actual costume set, and not just go by the picture.

  • Chandra


     6 days ago

    Sierra, you are fabulous !
    I admire your vibe and energy, with showing us clothes that fit you and clothes that don't.
    Its not a perfect world, but you look perfect. 🙂

  • Lorelai Perez

    Lorelai Perez

     6 days ago

    hey love your channel but just wanted to say when reading the what is included part of the harry potter costume from hot topic it doesn't come with skirt in the with first place, but you were missing the detachable white dickie

  • Ariel


     7 days ago

    I've had that exact HP dress, and it was a nightmare. The store literally had nothing else in my size, and that dress was like a size too small, and it just sucked.

  • Eva Sanca

    Eva Sanca

     7 days ago

    Loved the video but that background music is very annoying 😟

  • Traci Bland

    Traci Bland

     7 days ago

    I gotta say you may not feel confident in the expensive Harley costume... But damn when you turned around I think it flattered you a lot!

  • MsSkaterbaby92


     7 days ago

    Dream girls is a lingerie brand I think

  • Sydney Goldman

    Sydney Goldman

     7 days ago

    Slytherin Gang 🐍

  • Elżbieta Eysymont

    Elżbieta Eysymont

     7 days ago

    Why would you compare "slutty" version of HP costume with "normal"?

  • Stob It

    Stob It

     7 days ago

    I am a slytherin