Green Book - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 13, 2018
  • Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen star in this true story about two people with very little in common, on a road trip....and no, it's not a comedy. Here's my review of GREEN BOOK!

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  • fourdown1


     21 days ago

    Mate slow down enjoy what you say

  • Mrsalty101


     2 months ago

    I'm a little disappointed cuz when I saw your thumbnail I though "Awesome, Joshua Gomez reviews movies!"
    Great review anyway. I really liked it but I was surprised I actually liked something they gave best picture again. Made more sense after their was a big upset with everyone saying it shouldn't have won.

  • Simon Hylander

    Simon Hylander

     2 months ago

    i loved this movie. but i can see how many people would miss the point of it.

  • Kunisake


     2 months ago

    10/10 film. 10/10 review too

  • Portia Monaheng

    Portia Monaheng

     2 months ago

    It should be called "Two guys driving" aaaahahahah dead

  • Janire Guardado

    Janire Guardado

     2 months ago

    Its absolutely wild seeing this movie through the perspective of a white guy. You can really tell how different we take in the world through our own perspective

  • jake dilbeck

    jake dilbeck

     2 months ago +1

    A saw some leftist black girl doing a review on this and she was mad about them calling the black people black people 😂

  • VAM


     3 months ago

    Fun fact, the director of Green Book is actually the same director that made Movie 43 so he's improved.

  • Cherag M

    Cherag M

     3 months ago +1

    Oscar won,

  • Dennis Smith

    Dennis Smith

     3 months ago

    Two brothers, it’s, it’s just two brothers 😂



     3 months ago

    I fuckin love this movie. It's not about racism that's what most people get wrong

  • rudeboymon


     4 months ago

    Did anyone else notice how they re-made scenes from dumb and dumber.

    Example1: I guess i forgot that you never ever make a mistake!; Shirley getting out of the car and crying

    2: Seabass and the fellas; racists roughing up Shirley

    3: Car trouble and getting pulled over

    4: Shes gonna buy me a diamond rangggg; song during the end credits

    5: the road trip with 2 guys

    Farrelly has a twisted sense of humor if he did that on purpose for a serious movie!!

  • sofukingwhat


     5 months ago

    that moment when doc says that he's not accepted by white people nor he is by black people because he comes from a different tutorage hit me right in the heart. I wanted Viggo to hug him so bad in that scene . I was happy he did it later

  • yungkeynote


     5 months ago

    I saw this movie today as part of an assignment for class and it really blew me away. It captured both characters’ struggles and strengths but also showcased their faults in a very human way. Not to mention the times they were living in that added another dimension that these two had to navigate together. Amazing true story.

  • Ross Mitchell

    Ross Mitchell

     5 months ago

    Ali would be perfect for candyman the coulered guy from green book

  • Scott Hall

    Scott Hall

     5 months ago

    Just saw it and I give it 4 stars. This movie will give brand new life to the career and life of Don Shirley.

  • Jynessa Swann

    Jynessa Swann

     5 months ago

    I think it's call green book to highlight the separation between black and white people. That only certain hotels/motels allowed them in the south. It's like today there are websites that list where you can stay with a dog. It's so heart breaking that persons of color where treated like we treat dogs vacationing with us

  • DuffinThe Muffin

    DuffinThe Muffin

     5 months ago

    I'm so glad I got to see this movie, the growth of the characters, the chemistry between the two and the ability that I could get attached to this movie so easily and feel that hole you would feel if you took a long trip personally, it felt like I was actually there experiencing the events and I rarely get to enjoy a movie like that now days

  • Mohamad Mahmoud

    Mohamad Mahmoud

     5 months ago

    You’re such a fucking normie lmfao

  • Will Hanley Reed

    Will Hanley Reed

     5 months ago +1

    Greenbook is so underrated. Whoever did its marketing should be fired ASAP