The History of Justice League Mortal and other cancelled DC movies

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 24, 2018
  • Aquaman is exceeding expectations in theaters, a most welcome change from underperforming DC movies of the past years. But historically, many a DC movie didn’t just underperform, they never even made it out the gate. With the ever soaring popularity of superhero films, it is inevitable that some of these projects would never see the light of day, but DC has had dozens of projects shelved of the years. Some of these films could very well may have been major hits beloved by fans, or they could have been reviled and mocked forever afterwards. In this video, we will explore five DC movies that never were, namely Tim Burton’s Catwoman, Batman Unchained, Superman Lives, Jack Black’s Green Lantern and George Miller’s Justice League Mortal.Written by Tyler “Bioshock” RodriguezPlease share, like, subscribe, and follow us on… Facebook: Twitter: @Midnights_Edge And support us on Patreon for cool extra features:
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  • Troy Tempest

    Troy Tempest

     7 months ago +253

    This is the sort of video that is Midnight's Edge strong point

  • the king

    the king

     7 months ago +25

    I like Nick cage but no way he could play superman. He ain't the superman type so I am glad it was never made.

  • Erick Draven

    Erick Draven

     7 months ago +261

    I had forgot about the Jack Black Green Lantern movie. I'm glad it never was made.

  • Dee Construction

    Dee Construction

     7 months ago +54

    So many dodged bullets. To bad so many other bad, bad ideas actually made it to the screen.

  • Tyler Bioshock Rodriguez

    Tyler Bioshock Rodriguez

     7 months ago +118

    You gotta love the naming conventions for these movies and how ironic it became once they were canned. Justice League Mortal? Yeah it was proven mortal. Superman Lives? Not anymore.

  • Akshit Bhatia

    Akshit Bhatia

     7 months ago +150

    WBs DC record...
    Fired Donner after one movie...
    Fired Burton after 2 movies...
    Forced Joel to make toy ads
    Nolan only came on board after getting 100% creative control
    Less said about DCEU and green lantern the better

  • PFiction24


     7 months ago +90

    Micheal Rooker as Lex Luthor: still better then Jessie Esinburg

  • Julian Marco

    Julian Marco

     7 months ago +47

    Oh Warner Brother, always chasing 3 rabbits(fans, merchandise and cheapness) and never making anything.
    All these mistakes are like burned turkey. They kept burning all the ideas until nothing remaind. This is what happens when people who never read comics or take it seriously make movies.

  • vincent207


     7 months ago +98

    Even if they never picked up a comic in their lives, what could've possessed the studio into thinking the Jack Black Green Lantern was a good idea? There's being disrespectful to the source material, and then there's this. Even Superman Lives seemed less awful.
    Shame we never got Batman Unchained or Justice League Mortal though. It sounds like they could've been interesting movies. At least better than most of the DCEU tripe.

  • Barbaryotaku


     7 months ago +80

    They all sound horrible. Seeing Michelle in the cat woman suit would have been nice thoug

  • Linus2017Cougar


     7 months ago +71

    10:56 - I'm Lex Luthor, y'all!

  • TVBForever


     7 months ago +57

    Danny DeVito is an underrated Penguin. Though this could be a battle royale between the Penguin and the the Trashman.

  • CG Vallejos

    CG Vallejos

     7 months ago +215

    I like how WB shut down JL: Mortal but gave the green light to make Zack Snyder's Justice League. JL:Mortal had a better script, more original characters, actors who could grow in the role and spin-off and sequels possibilities. Zack Snyder's version had none of it.

  • Coach B

    Coach B

     16 minutes ago

    Comic books being taken so seriously.
    The 12 year old in me loves it.
    The old man me kinda shakes his head.

  • Wil Robinson

    Wil Robinson

     7 months ago +51

    I would have preferred Justice League Mortal over what we got. Here is hoping that the Shazam movie is good.

  • RCWard (Arcee)

    RCWard (Arcee)

     7 months ago +46

    The Jack Black story gave me cancer

  • RAF1172


     7 months ago +35

    Man, the plot of that Batman Unchained flick sounds intriguing AF. Damn shame it wasn't made.

  • Brian Hays

    Brian Hays

     7 months ago +16

    Michael Rooker as Lex Luther? Hmmm ......... that sounds like a good match!

  • James Roby

    James Roby

     7 months ago +20

    That JLA Mortal sounds like it would have been awesome.

  • Isabel Brokaw

    Isabel Brokaw

     7 months ago +17

    The Jack Black Green Lantern Film should've been a parody.