15 Incredible Recent Discoveries

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • Subscribe ► http://goo.gl/WPKt5wEven though we’ve been living on this planet for thousands of years, we’re still a long way from discovering everything about it. Sometimes, we find something that’s been hidden or buried for hundreds, or even thousands of years, and changes the way we think about our own history. Here are some truly incredible recent discoveries that have shed fresh light on the past.For all questions contact us at:
  • Source: https://youtu.be/t7sRWrvRdrA


  • Charles Miller

    Charles Miller

     3 days ago +7

    The music in this video sounds like the music you hear in a movie stripclub

  • TNT spez

    TNT spez

     6 months ago +1372

    To the guy who invented zero, Thanks for nothing!

  • vincesanity14


     6 months ago +482

    bronze hand probably belongs to sir jamie lannister of house lannister

  • Charli Blake

    Charli Blake

     3 months ago +161

    I couldn’t be more disappointed that the dinosaur Sean Funk found wasn’t named a funkosaurus😐

  • Dary John Mizelle

    Dary John Mizelle

     5 months ago +330

    please do something about that mindless background music!

  • ̐


     yesterday +2

    Attach some kind of info to these materials, like - beware, only for dump people!

  • SmaRkieS


     21 days ago +5

    hmmmm.... you didn't include the Scorched earth during heatwave reveals new monument at Newgrange in Ireland.

  • joebadniss


     6 months ago +367

    We need to stop underestimating our ancestors

  • Joel Williams

    Joel Williams

     4 months ago +156

    The 1st item in this video was the Infinity Gauntlet.

  • kevin Leonard

    kevin Leonard

     4 months ago +161

    You can guarantee about 50% of what we know about the ancient world is wrong.

  • mladen bozic

    mladen bozic

     yesterday +1

    go to serbia and visit romans empire and vinca culture 4500-6000 bc

  • Jami's Huskies

    Jami's Huskies

     1 months ago +4

    The bronze hand belongs to Jamie lannister from Game of Thrones🤣🤣🤣

  • Sippycup Samurai

    Sippycup Samurai

     5 months ago +52

    those who go DIGGING for BURIED treasure are used to finding most things in the GROUND

  • PST3K NaN

    PST3K NaN

     5 months ago +61

    Constant theme here: we don't know shit about our own history. Everything discovered sets us smarter, further back....

  • jack benson

    jack benson

     6 months ago +4

    GOBLEKI TEMPE - yunger dryas - the crater in greenland.

  • Steve Jovan

    Steve Jovan

     5 months ago +2

    Australian finding is not confirmed! Much of this is obscure nonsense and hardly a revelation!

  • John Doe

    John Doe

     2 days ago

    A lot of this is garbled and poorly presented. Pity.

  • Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

     6 months ago +51

    I’m not aware that Helen got into a ‘disagreement’ with Paris of Troy dude; she more accurately got into ‘bed’ with him. That’s what caused the problem 😊

  • salman shah

    salman shah

     3 days ago

    thumbnail lookes like 1998 godzilla

  • Dekkard Bryon

    Dekkard Bryon

     6 months ago +22

    If you can be SO wrong about Celtic history, I really doubt everything else in this video.